Thursday, May 14, 2009


On Friday last week my husband sat me down and we did a loose Project Plan for the babies.

If you're into project management, then I apologise but I think it's the most boring thing (after financial spreadsheets and reports) ever :)

Basically, we made a list of everything we had to do and prioritised it.

So on Saturday we set out and started tackling that list - we went to four baby shops all in the same mall and made decisions on...

  • cots (we want the ones that convert to toddler beds)
  • pram (Graca Duo Rider)
  • car seats
  • compactum (not sure if we'll have enough space with the 2 cots or even if we need it...but we'll see)
The main things!

And then, just when I start relaxing about this pregnancy, I went to the toilet at about 4:30 and what should I find?


Not red, but brown. Not a lot but a smear nonetheless.

I went totally numb and called my husband to come look.

We decided I should rest for an hour and if it was still the same, page the doctor.

So an hour later, off I went again and it was much the same.

Paged the doctor who phoned me back within minutes. Great fast service and amazingly he was all business and professional, not laid back and jokey like at our appointments.

He was glad it wasn't red and that I had no pain or cramping with the bleeding. I'd felt both babies move and that was a positive sign too.

He said to rest and not have sex but to phone again if there was any pain or cramping or if the babies stopped moving or if the blood went red. Apparently the brown blood was old and whatever happened would have happened a day or two prior.

Fortunately none of that happened. It was brown the whole of Sat evening but didn't increase.

Now here's the snag - I had to fly to Durban the next afternoon to organise a client's home office. She'd already paid me 50% and had paid the flights.

I hate letting people down but of course, the babies are most important and yet I was so conflicted that I started questioning WHY the conflict. Shouldn't it be clear? I should cancel the trip.

Anyway, I'd eventually decided if the bleeding hadn't stopped by the following morning, I'd phone her and cancel.

The next morning there was some dry overnight blood but nothing new - thank the Lord!

And there has been no bleeding since.

I had my trip - nothing heavy - I was assertive as anything as I just roped total strangers into hauling my suitcase off the luggage a nice way of course. The big belly has some benefits!

BUT this gave me a HELL of a shock and I'm realising things can change in a heartbeat and I need to slow down and take care of ME for the babies' sake.

P.S. The way the doctor responded on the phone totally reassured me and I'm entirely comforted by him now :)


  1. That's so scary! Glad you're doing ok now and it didn't get worse.
    DEFINITELY take it easy...

  2. Scary. Glad that it's subsided, but sounds like a wake up call! one curious question: what is a compactum? Never heard of it!


  3. Oh how scary. The same thing happened to me last weekend and I am actually on bed rest for a while. I hope everything stays good for you.

  4. Mo, a compactum is that "chest of drawers" thing in a baby's room that you usually put a changing mat on top of.

    Here are some examples

  5. Glad you're okay & the babies are okay, too!


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