Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crossing things off the list

We went to book my bed at the hospital last week and fill in all the forms.

I really feel like hospitals complicate things for no reason whatsoever. We filled in the exact same information on at least 3 different forms.

Why can't they have one form and photocopy it or let us complete it in triplicate?

Anyway, while I was completing forms in the maternity unit, I happened to look up and see this above me.
Not what you want to see when you're trusting them to take care of your and your babies' health!

While we were there, we asked for a quick tour of the facilities.

The nurses looked extremely competent which is always a little scary for me (Sergeant Majorish :)) because I know nothing. Seriously nothing.

I told them that I'm expecting twins which they were VERY excited about. That's good :)

I decided on a general ward because I need the people contact and they only have two really short visiting hours every day:

3 - 4pm - for family and friends - this time is in the middle of the day and people are working so I don't think anyone's going to come visit

7 - 8pm - for the babies' grandparents and the dad

The dad can actually visit from 7am to 8pm.

I've had not one, but TWO laparotomies (plus the two laparoscopies) so my uterus has been cut and I can't take the chance that it ruptures, so I'm having a Caesar.

Which means I stay for 3 nights.

Someone asked me the other day if I'm scared of having a Caesar. Hell no, I'm an old hand at this. The first laparotomy was the worst because I didn't know what to expect. Second one was much, much better.

Although after those two ops, all I had to focus on was getting well and this time around, I'll have two little babies depending on me to take care of them. Eeeekkkk!

How does it work in your part of the world? When do you book your hospital bed? Are you having natural birth or a Caesar?


  1. Well, in the US we call it a C-section. I've actually never heard it called a Caesar! That's kinda cool! My OB's office gave me a pre-admission form to complete and return by my next visit (if I can even find it!). It's a one page document and that's it! Pretty simple. I was warned to have everything completed correctly because they are very picky. We are to visit the hospital sometime before the baby comes! I don't even know when! They do tours every Sunday afternoon. Oh, and it's a brand new women's hospital, state of the art! I hear it's wonderful! As fas as I know, rooms are private and there are no set visiting hours. People can come and go all day and night.
    As for getting this baby here? My only preference is alive and screaming! My RE told me I have a very small pelvis and she wouldn't be suprised if I had a c-section. I am going to talk to my OB at my next visit about this. We'll see!!!

  2. I avoid doctors mostly - we plan a third home birth, assuming my blood pressure stays down. The Texas heat worries me though. I'm now 23 weeks - I think the hospital wanted the paperwork around week 25 or so here. Kendra, our first, was a C-Section because the medical community is so immpatient that they induced me. Long story - live and learn. We also didn't know I had a milk allergy which caused all kinds of problems. But I've done 2 successful VBAC's since then.


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