Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just for fun & 25-week belly pics

My 30-week pregnant friend told me her bump measures 26cm.

Well, do you want to guess what my bump measures?

I measured yesterday at 26 weeks and these pics are at 25 weeks but they're just to give you an idea.

Will be back later to tell you the answer.

Also, when does the 3rd trimester actually start? I read some places that it's 24 weeks, some say 26 weeks, when??????


  1. 32 cm? It's hard for me to think metric. Given that you're having 2, I'd have to go higher...

    I have 3rd tri starting at 28 weeks. I've noticed there are HUGE discrepancies on actual "trimester" starts... so I just keep going by weeks.

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  3. I get emails each week from different pregnancy sites which tell me about the baby's development. About 2 or 3 of them said that the third trimester starts at 27 weeks (which is what I am right now). A different one said 28 weeks, though. I haven't ever heard of it being any earlier than 27 weeks unless you count a full-term pregnancy as 36 weeks instead of 40. Each doctor uses a different methods and so do the books, so you get a wide variety of answers when you try to look it up. I'm going ahead and sticking to the 27 since that's where I'm at now and I had MORE sources tell me that than the ones who said otherwise.

    It's hard to say for sure how big around you are, especially being in cm rather than inches. Nity's guess sounds pretty good, but I'll do it "Price is Right" style(I don't know if you have that show over there) and say 33 cm just to beat her :-)

  4. 3rd trimester starts at 28 weeks (7 mos pregnant)

  5. I don't know much about third trimesters or other such nonsense like that, except that your belly is adorable!

  6. I think most agree that 3rd trimester begins at 28 weeks (although I know of one on-line message board says it starts at 27 weeks).

    I'll guess 27cm!

  7. Well, everybody, thanks for playing along.

    Let me tell you my measurement - a whopping 39cm!!!


    I'd love to know what yours is :)


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