Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More bleeding = bed rest

Girls, I’m on strict bed rest.

Yesterday when I got home from work I went to the loo as I normally do and what do you know? There was a surprise for me.

Brown blood. Just a smear but still. Blood.

I went into my usual denial state, blocked it all out, coached my two clients on the phone and then went to check again.

Still a bit there.

Now here's the funny part.

I felt my belly because I like these babies to move when I'm panicky. And it felt like the boy had this heartbeat. I know intellectually I'm not supposed to be able to feel the heartbeat through my belly but still, that's what it felt like.

So I called my hubby and he was totally freaked out. Immediately wanted to call the doctor which is fine by me.

I made him make the call because I was quickly emerging from the denial because of his reaction.

Well, the doctor says, "that's the baby hiccupping" - we both felt like real idiots :)

But he immediately says if anything changes from the usual (red blood/ no movement/ cramping/ pain) to call but otherwise he wants to see me first thing in the morning. And I'm booked off work.

I'm thinking it's all precautionary and am in la la land.

So we go to the doc this morning and he is serious like I've never seen him before. No chit-chat and jokes like we usually have - straight to scan me.

Fortunately both babies were fine with nice strong heartbeats. And they’ve moved positions again (which I think may be what caused the “haemorrage”) - they're now transverse.

After I heard they're fine, I didn’t hear very well because I’m afraid I was in shock the whole time.

He also checked my cervix – fine for now - the bleeding is not from there but is something to do with the placenta.

Later I asked my hubby what the doctor said. Apparently my belly is big and he thinks some of it is swelling due to bleeding inside. Eek.

He booked me off for the week because he wants the placenta to heal up properly as this is a “crucial time” because I’m 25w 6 days today and from 26 weeks, they are viable (have 33% chance of surviving outside the womb).

Was all numb while at his rooms but it all hit me when I got home and I had a good cry.

Started getting into all the "why me" and "why can't I have an easy pregnancy?" but then realised that I'm actually pregnant and that is miracle enough.

I also decided God has been in control of our babies the entire time and He can handle this little setback too.

Of course I am being good and have hardly moved from the couch today - even had a two-hour nap.

Babies, remember I said no funny business before 36 weeks! I don't want to see tubes all over your bodies and I'm sure you don't want that too.


  1. That's scary stuff! I'm so glad you're ok for now. I love that you are still thinking of the pregnancy as a miricle.

    Wishing you peace.

    And no more bleeding! :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having more bleeding, but I'm glad that things are fine for now (and I'm sure they will remain so). i know that it seems like things aren't easy right now, but I think you're doing awesome- especially for being pregnant with twins, which I think makes for unusual circumstances anyways.

    Take care of yourself and know that God's taking care of you and your precious babies.

  3. Take care of yourself and those babies!

  4. Sweetie this sounds so scary!! I'm loving all the pictures from the previous updates. Praying for you.

  5. Oh, dear! That makes me so nervous for you! I'm glad you got to the doctor right away & the babies are doing well.

    You're right... gotta tell those babies they need to stay put for 10 more weeks! :)

    Let us know if we can help stave off your boredom! You're doing something so important growing those two!

  6. Thanks all! I am taking good care of the babies.


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