Monday, May 11, 2009

The second opinion & 22 weeks pics

So we went for the second opinion last week at 23w1d. Our appointment was at 4:30 and his nurse phoned at around lunch time to check that I was still coming which was nice...and unusual for doctors' offices.

I got there just in time and my hubby was his usual 5 minutes late :) but we waited until about 5:30 to see him.

There was a girl waiting so I asked her what time her appt was. 4:00. Dear Lord - my face obviously showed my feelings because she said that he often runs late because of emergencies and so on. Apparently he gives you his cell phone number so you can phone him directly if there is ever anything wrong.

Anywayyyy, this guy was Greek with a really strong accent and I really battled to understand him at first. I kept looking at my husband to "translate" and eventually I got there.

He asked us who we'd been seeing and my husband just blurted it out before I could say my "I'd prefer not to say" prepared statement. I just knew they all know one another and sure enough he goes, "oh yes, GC, I do know him"

My main thing was the discrepancy in the babies' sizes and he said it was only a problem if they shared a placenta but since they each have their own, it is all okay. If the babies are more than 500g apart, then they'd start to worry. He even drew pictures for me and I was happy.

So then we got onto the fun bit - the scan. The (what I think is a) girl weighed 584g and the boy weighed 634g - both looked great, good heartbeats, movement, etc.

My blood pressure was 80/50 - as usual, very low!

He couldn't tell at all about their genders and asked me if that was really important to me. I said of course their health is the MOST important thing but yes, I do want to know the girl's sex for sure.

He recommended we see a fetal assessment specialist who would definitely be able to tell us. I made the appt but am not sure I'll keep it because I want to have my 4D scan before that and hopefully she can tell us.

Why is this child so stubborn?!

He was talking about getting all my blood results and whatnot from the other doctor which kind of freaked me out because it didn't feel right.

So I prayed while driving home and unbeknown to me at the time, so did D. We were in separate cars.

When we got home, he says to me, "I don't think it's right that we switch doctors." I also got that sense but wanted to hear his reasons :)

  • they were similar in their approach, in other words, non-paranoid :)
  • it seems infertility doctors are a lot more nitpicky because the stakes are higher
  • I felt more comfortable with the first doc after seeing this one
The next morning I phoned up the new doc to thank him very much for setting my mind at ease and to tell him that there was no need to get my blood results as I'd decided not to move doctors.

All very nice and civilised :)

And here are some pics from 22 weeks 1 day, taken in Wicklow, Ireland. Black really is slimming, isn't it?

But then have a look at the side view!

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  1. Glad everything worked out well.
    Cute pics!! I can't believe the diff in side view. CRAZY.


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