Monday, May 18, 2009

Slowing down

I can't believe my wonderful energy burst is nearly gone!

I was exhausted during the first trimester but then at 11 weeks, I had a wonderful return of energy and felt "normal" again.

Last Friday (23w2d) I noticed I was yawning away at work (just like during the early days) so I think it’s getting to that stage where I need to start slowing down again.

When I saw the doctor this week he said to me, “are you finally going to start acting like a pregnant woman?” LOL This is, of course, after all the travelling... and you’ll be happy to know I said YES, I am so ready!

I'm not as tired as I was during the first trimester but I definitely feel the bulk of this big belly.

It's awkward to get out of bed, to change sides in bed and when I have to walk more than 100 or 200 metres.

I don't complain because I'm so, so grateful to be pregnant so my husband didn't even know until I let slip with something and said, "yes, it's always sore to change sides"

Which brings me to Preggi Bellies. I haven't been to a class since 21st April (before all the travels) so I need to go back this week.

I skipped two classes that I could have attended but one was right after I got back and the other was last week after the bleeding episode so that was a convenient excuse.

Apparently you can do Preggi Bellies until you have your babies but if you don't use up all your classes, you can use the remaining sessions after the babies are born, which I’ll have to do since I’ll never be able to squeeze in two classes a week right up until the end.

Weight gain
I’ve put on 8kg to date (3.6 pounds) and am determined not to get to more than 15kg.

I must say it's really useful having twins because they're useful to justify the weight! I don't care one iota but people keep saying, "when are you having the baby?" or "how far are you?" and look suitably horrified when they find out I'm only 24 weeks!

When I say, "well, they're twins" then they go, "oh, that's okay then" and yet it's only 8kg! I was a normal weight before pregnancy or maybe 2kg overweight but really, nothing major, so I don't know what all this fuss is about.

From the top looking down, the belly does not look that bad but when I pass a mirror, that's when the full impact hits me :)

Kind of like this:

this is what my husband sees at night - not very attractive!

can you see the mark I'm pointing at? It's my laparoscopy scar and yes, look where it is now - miles away from its original location

can you see the weird shape on the right? That's my boy's bum - he pushes it out and my belly feels really hard


  1. i think it's very attractive! i love preggo bellies and i'm still so super excited for you!

  2. :) Becky, I must say, I also get a kick out of seeing this because for so long it was a very distant dream


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