Monday, June 15, 2009

28-week appointment & a milestone reached

When I was downloading these pictures off the camera, I said to my husband, "could this belly get any bigger?"

He says, "Yes! Given half a chance"


So here I am, gigantic. Remember this measurement? It's now 44cm!

Well, the babies are doing well even though the girl is a bit skinny so we are watching that…

Girl – 1.021 kg
Boy – 1.250 kg

Total 2.271kg of baby – equivalent to a singleton 34-week pregnancy (yes, that scares me too)

My cervix is over 4cm long – great – my weight is still perfect (have now put on 9.5kg - 21 pounds - as you can see, all in the belly), my BP was rocking at 120/70 (normally it’s very very low 90/50 so I think it was a bit higher because I was cross with him).

Cross because he told me I have to slow down even MORE! Then he says, "I know you're a Type A personality so that's going to be hard for you" Grrrr! He is right!

I spoke to my boss the minute I got back from my appt so I went onto half days the very next day. Of course, for me, it just means, I'm focussing and working really hard so I still get the day's work in!

My urine was "perfect" so that's good. Of course, I can't see what I'm doing down there anymore....TMI, sorry!

My thyroid looked swollen (never had any problems with that before!) so I was sent to get some blood tests. The blood tests were all normal because nobody phoned me - that's how it works: if there's a problem, they phone, otherwise, you can assume it's all normal.

I have to stop Preggi Bellies (just to be safe because of the two bleeding incidents) but he said we can have “normal, old people’s s*x”

Apparently we have now reached a milestone (because the babies are 1kg each & we've reached 28 weeks); next milestone is 33 weeks, and then 36 weeks.

7 weeks to the goal!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of milestones to reach. You still look great. When you measure your belly, are you just measuring the fundal height (from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus? I'm pretty sure that's what it'd have to be. Otherwise I'm 137 cm! If that is the way you do it, when I had my last appointment at 28 weeks, I was 29 cm. I have no idea how big the baby is himself. I haven't had any exact measurements since my 19 week ultrasound. Instead, I just know that my weight gain and measurements are still good.

    Sorry you have to cut back even more and take it easy. I know you've been trying. It's all for a good reason, though. And, I'm glad that you seem overall healthy. At least you can still have sex. So enjoy it "old people's" style.

    You'll reach those milestones before you know it!!!

  2. Yay! You look great! Boo on having to stop the class, but glad you still get to have a *bit* of fun! :)

  3. Mandy, I think I'm measuring it wrong. According to my friend, it's not supposed to be done the way I've been doing it, yet I can't figure out how to find the top of my uterus. I've googled it but my whole bump feels hard; there are no soft bits :)

    Google does say it's not as accurate as ultrasound.

    However, it's still fun for me (even done incorrectly) to see how much The Bump has grown!

    Rachie, is relative. I'm so huge I can hardly move :)

  4. yay it's going so fast!

  5. Now THAT'S what happens when you swallow watermelon seeds!!! :)

  6. Hi -- I linked to your blog from Blonde Ambition -- you are so cute! 28 weeks is a great milestone for twins, I remember the sigh of relief when I reached that point! I'm looking forward to following the rest of your journey. And take your doctor's advice and *relax* if you can!


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