Saturday, June 13, 2009

4D scan

Oh, I forgot to show you the pics from the 4D scan on 29 May.

My main goal going in was to find out if the girl really is a girl since the doctor's only 95% sure.

She is!

So I was happy.

Other than that, the girl was sleeping with her head on the placenta - sweet! and we couldn't see the boy properly at all.

Here are some shots though.

The girl

The boy's leg

the two heads in profile
All really bad pics, but there you go - hopefully these two behave much better when they're out because we love taking pics!


  1. I imagine it's hard to get pictures of two babies in the womb because they're all squished in there! I want to do another 4D scan just to see how much he's changed in the last 3 months. Jesse's not so sure it's worth the money though since we'll see him in person in another 2+ months. We'll see.

    By the way, have you decided on names yet?

  2. I love technology when it works! How exciting!

  3. Sweet babies!!! I'm glad you are doing well. So,'s a shot that is given if the mom and dad's blood types are different. Ex: My blood type is A negative and my husband's blood type is A positive. If the baby's blood is positive and her blood crosses into mine, my body can build up antibodies and possibly harm future pregnancies. The shot is give to prevent your body from building up those antibodies. I have had a rhogam shot with each of my pregnancies/miscarriages. If you don't get the shot and your body attacks the fetus bad things can happen. So! Hope that answered your question!

  4. Exactly, Mandy! When she first put that thing on my tummy, she goes "what's going on here? there are legs everywhere!" LOL

    I would pay for the second 4D... I'm just not sure that we'll see anything more because, as you say, it was already all squished in there.

    PJ, it is quite exciting, isn't it?

    Leah, maybe that's why he keeps asking me my blood type... yes, it definitely answers my question.


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