Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby shower 2 - the work one

The work baby shower happened on Monday morning at 9am. Apparently it was the only time they could get our entire team together.

The good thing about the work one is that it was scheduled like a meeting so it's got to be short and to the point, we invite the boys so there's no funny business and there are a lot more people so everyone can get on with it and entertain one another :)

So this is what it looked like when I arrived: balloons, food and presents

Then we got down to the serious business of opening the gifts. My colleague, P, was assigned the task of writing down what each person had given.

I only read the tag on the scrapbook album properly when I got home and in addition to this, K also gifted me with a night nurse for one night and 3 meals. Do you know how exciting that is for us? We are super-excited! And it's clutter-free :)

All the gifts in the boot (trunk) of my car

Of course I took some balloons home with me - that's my ceiling. We live in an old house with these pressed ceilings and wooden floors.

Just to give you an idea of stuff we got - are those little slippers not the cutest things ever?!

We also got some cash and a gift voucher from two of the guys so I can get things we really need but don't have.

Do you think it's weird to use my boss's money for a breast pump? I don't think there's anything wrong with it but my hubby says that's just too weird.

I spent yesterday afternoon writing out 16 thank-you cards and I did it! Sore hand afterwards but all done! Some were really very long, like the ones for the two organisers.

My one colleague was up until midnight making those chocolate party favours and apparently on Friday, they had to wait for me to leave work (I was late because I like clearing my entire inbox on a Friday - I hate coming back to "old" work on a Monday morning - drives me nuts!) to package everything beautifully.

That really, really touched me because it was all done for ME!

I'm so glad those are over so I can make my list of items still outstanding that we actually need, and go get them.


  1. Sounds like a good shower. And you got lots of stuff!
    No I don't think it's weird to spend your boss's money on a breast pump. The money is for what you still need, and if you still need a pump, go get it.
    Have fun washing and putting all that cute baby stuff away!

  2. Sounds like your shower was fantastic! You were all worried and dreading it for nothing! You got some really great gifts too. I agree with "Mommy of a miracle". Use the money for what you need, regardless of what it is. I'm sure your boss will never even ask, and what does it matter anyways?

    It's all getting so much closer!!!

  3. Dana, I did get lots and now I need to get washing all those things and get them packed away neatly.

    You're absolutely right - I should just get the breast pump.

    Mandy, he WILL ask - he's one of those caring and sensitive sort of men :)

    I want to use all of the money for one thing - not buy bits and pieces here and there...


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