Saturday, June 06, 2009

Now THIS is what I call progress :)

I'm very organised (usually) so people assume because I'm pregnant AND with twins, that I'm super-organised and everything is totally in order.


I still feel infertile and I've been scared something will go wrong so I've done virtually nothing for the babies. Well, except for taking care of myself so they get all the food they need :)

So when people ask me if the room is done, I laugh like a maniac and say, well...
  • the room is painted
  • the curtains are washed and (as of two weeks ago)
  • the cots have been ordered
I feel like I'm a super organised rock star for having done those three things :)

Although when I see Mandy's baby's room and the Babbs' girls' room, I feel like such a bad mother. My poor kids have some nappies (purely because they were on special), and a few toiletries, so they'll have clean bodies and covered bums. That's it!

Okay, how far are you with your baby's room? Are you having a baby shower?


  1. Well, you're taking care of yourself and nourishing those babies. And when they get here, there bums will at least be covered in a painted room where there will eventually have beds. So, you've got most of the basics covered. Don't feel like a bad mommy for any less. Your shower is two weeks from today, right? So, imagine all of the new things you'll have when it's over!!!

    I understand your fear that something may still go wrong. Even though you are pregnant now, you are at higher risk with twins, and you've had a few scares. BUT, my prayer for you is that just as God brought you through the infertility process and gave you not 1 baby, but 2, He'll also get you through this pregnancy with them. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but worrying about "what if" only makes you miss out on "what is right now". I know you're celebrating every milestone you're reaching in this pregnancy. I just want to be able to see you eagerly anticipate (with hope and joy) everything that is to come as well.

    I've loved walking this journey with you in our pregnancies. And I'm living vicariously through your twin pregnancy. I can't wait to see how your shower goes and what your room looks like when it's all over. :-)

  2. You've done more than I have as far as a room goes! We aren't even setting up a nursery until after she gets here. There is no need, as newborns never end up in their own rooms for a few months, and we need to guest room for when family comes to visit. I can't bring myself to buy anything much yet either. If it weren't for my husband buying things I would only have a car seat/stroller. My neighbor just gave us a small bassinet/cot today. It freaks me out to have it in my house! But, WE WILL NEED THESE THINGS! God Willing! Only 12 weeks to go! We got this!

  3. I have things left over from Joel still wandering around - and my sister's each have a baby girl - Rhoda's Valarie just turned 1 and Ruth's Miya just turned 6 months (on my birthday Friday!). And my best friend's Esther will be 2 soon - I'm hoping for some hand me arounds to float my way since most of mine from the big girls are floated away! LaRue has no space to call her own - not even a corner carved out of a closet (they are too small anyway). I'm hoping once my dad get the electricity fixed to tackle a corner of the bedroom and try to put in the pack n play which has a bassenet and changing table built in, and maybe find some plastic drawers to put her clothes into. We do co-sleeping and I'll breast feed again, so no need for big cribs or bottles and such. So, here at 23 weeks - not much happening and I don't expect a baby shower, maybe a diaper pounding though.


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