Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh my word - 30 weeks already

Not that I had much to start off with but look! No more b**bs!

Look at that belly - in this pic I'm showing the maternity pants so you can see how hard they're working, stretching over my belly. I remember just a mere 12 weeks ago when I first started wearing these how I used to fold over the stretchy bit because it was too big. Now I know why they make it that big :)

Hello gorgeous babies (that's how I focus so I don't obsess about the Belly)

We had our 30-week scan on Tuesday morning at 29 weeks 6 days.

The girl is 1.355 kg and the boy is 1.475 kg – a total of 2.830 kg! This is equivalent to a 37-week pregnant mother of a singleton. No wonder I'm gigantic!

Whereas they were growing fast and measuring ahead before, they’ve slowed down a bit and are now measuring perfectly for how old they are. He did say to me previously that twins grow like single babies up to about 24 weeks and then slow down because there’s just no space.

I've felt that they were in a growth spurt because I’ve been getting hungrier and having to eat just a bit more, waking up starving, etc.

The boy has turned again! His head is down now (or, as the doc says, the right way up) and the girl is still breech. 13 days ago, they were both breech. If this is an indication of his movements when he’s out, I’m going to be THIN running around after him. I'm not exaggerating but every time we have an appt, he's moved position.

My blood pressure was normal (for me) at 105/65 and my urine is also perfect – no protein. The babies’ heartbeats were both around 145 bpm. She had hiccups so you’d hear this heartbeat punctuated by a little hiccup – too sweet!

My cervix is at least 3.5cm. He couldn’t get an accurate measurement because my bladder wasn’t full – I don’t know how I’m supposed to provide a “sample” and keep a full bladder for the scan, but next time I’ll be more prepared and drink more water, because all I’d had that morning was a really small glass of orange juice.

Have still only put on 10.2 kg (22 pounds). Yesss!

How are you all doing?


  1. Your pregnancy seems to be flying by to me. Everytime I turn around you have a new week belly shot. So crazy. Then I also remind myself, mine is moving just as fast as yours.

  2. That's all sounding fabulous!! Keep up that good cookin, mama :)

  3. Dana, I totally agree with you. From week 20, it has just FLOWN by. I was looking at pics I found on hubby's camera at around 19 weeks and I can't believe how much this tummy has grown!

    Saffy, that's the weird thing. I have no appetite for anything (which used to make me cook) but when I start eating, that's when it comes back :)

  4. Leigh.. wonderful news! your bump is huge, and how cool that your babies are developing totally well and soon enough you'll have them in your arms... ooohhhh!!! so cute!

  5. Look at the belly! Can you even bend at all? =) I love it! Glad all is well!! THanks for the nice comments!

  6. Clio, the bump IS huge, isn't it? I am still shocked when I see myself in mirrors and pictures :)

    Leah, amazingly I can still bend. That must be because I was very flexible before - it for sure can't be due to the size of the belly :)


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