Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Updates & 29 weeks today

I don't know if I ever told you about the 4am parties?

Well, the babies went through a patch a couple of weeks ago where they'd kick me so hard at 4am in the morning that I'd actually wake up. This is in itself rare for me because I sleep like a log.

It didn't bother me so much but one night I was facing my husband and his hand was near when the 4am party started and he woke.

Well, after a couple of days of this, he had a talk with the young 'uns and told them to stop waking us up - we need our sleep.

And do you know they've stopped? They now wait for me to wake in the mornings and then we have ourselves a little love fest. They do their thing, I talk to them and just enjoy all the movements - it's LOVELY and also the reason I'm late almost every day for work!


My theory on the bleeding is that it's the boy's fault :)

Example 1
We had a scan and he was positioned one way, I had the bleeding and then at a second scan a week later, he'd totally flipped around.

Example 2
After bleeding episode number 2, we found that they'd both moved again.

So since then, I've told both of them that they can move but not too much too soon - I don't want to see any blood!


Another good thing about the big bump is that I don't seem to be as constipated anymore. It's actually wonderful to just go!

I wonder if it's the pressure of the bump or what it is. But whatever, I'm not questioning it; I'm just very very grateful.

Although now something else has started happening. I've never been great spatially but at least I had a sense of my personal space.

Well, I still haven't got my head around the fact that I'm so big because I don't open the shower door wide enough and bump the bump, think I can still squeeze into small spaces, etc.

It is CRAZY!


Oh and the eating.

First off, I can't hold anything on my lap and even when I'm at work, I'm sitting so far away from my desk because there's just not enough space with the bump.

But aside from that, I've started feeling really hungry again like I MUST EAT NOW. So have taken to carrying loads of food with me again.

I'm eating a bit more at lunch time and slightly more at supper - that seems to do it for the babies and me.


And of course, we're officially 29 weeks today! Yes!!!

By the way, there are 7 pregnant girls in our infertility support group - 7!!!! And guess how many babies? 11 :)

God is so good! If you're reading and haven't seen those two lines yet, hang in there - I have NO DOUBT that it'll be your turn soon.

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  1. I think the 4am parties are amusing, especially that they woke your husband up too! I know that babies often get active at night, but I sleep through it most of the time.

    As for the bleeding, it's always easy to blame boys. Everything is always their fault :-) . I just hope they behave themselves so that you don't have any more scares.

    I think the constipation has eased for me as well. However, I have heard that the colostrum production could cause this for me. It's great, though!

    I also bump my belly all of the time, more often thinking that i can fit in between two things that I really can't. Or I just turn around and knock something off of the table.

    Congrats on 29 weeks! And that is so awesome that 7 girls are now pregnant in your group... and 11 babies!!! Big blessings!


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