Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby updates from the NICU

Kendra under the blue lights - bilirubin (?) levels were a bit high

We are excited that the babies are progressing well but we want them home, obviously.

They are both breathing on their own (thank God) and are now in the growing phase, as the paediatrician calls it.

Same personalities as when in utero – Kendra is still very sleepy and lazy to eat, while Connor is super active, so much so that he keeps setting off his monitors because his little feet move too much, the band falls off and the machine can’t record that he’s still okay.

D changing Connor's nappy

As for me, I'm up and down. Had a bit of a cry this morning because I went to the loo and realised that I wasn't starving like I usually am. Then I realised it's because I'm no longer pregnant!!!

I'll write more about the feelings side of things in a day or two. For now, I need some rest so need to get to bed!


  1. awwww! cute! Thanks for posting these.

  2. Oh, I wish I could see their tiny little faces, but I'm so glad to see them and how they are progressing. I think it's awesome that they're breathing on their own and thriving. I'm sure the emotions you are feeling are completely normal. Tell u s all about them, though. I'm sure it'll help just to express them. P.S. How much longer until your babies do get to come home with you? And, are you home yet or still in the hospital?

  3. It's so hard to believe that is what the baby in my belly looks like right now! I am glad they are doing well and hopefully they will be home soon! They are gorgeous!

  4. It's fantastic that they're breathing on their own and doing the 'growing' thing. YAY. Emotionally it sounds like you're doing pretty well i.e. you're normal! Keep it up mama :)

  5. Aww so beautiful! I hope they grow fast so they can go home.

  6. Please make sure you're taking care of yourself right now while you can!! They seem so big and seem to be doing so well for being early! I'm so glad they are breathing on their own. It seems like they'll be NICU grads in no time.

  7. Wow, Leigh, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!Thank you for posting pictures. D is clearly a natural with the nappy changing! Please take good care of yourself and heal from your surgery and birth. You must be feeling so many different things right now!


  8. Mandy, they've told us about 3 weeks but of course, it depends on the kids' progress.

    I'm home - they discharge after 3 days if you have a C-section and 1 day if you have a natural birth.

    Mo, D is a natural. He is not at all scared of their tiny-ness, unlike me :)

    Mandibula, you're right - the nurses and doctors keep telling me, "actually they're really not that small". I must remember babies ALWAYS seem very small to me, even normal-sized babies


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