Thursday, July 02, 2009

Finally getting the room ready

I'm soooo glad the baby showers are over because we could actually go get some things we needed, like vests and leggings and more babygrows (onesies).

I also got the baby washing powder (detergent) on the weekend so I could get the clothes clean.

And look what arrived on Friday last week!

Aren't they beautiful?! Those drawers are gigantic - two of them are now full of nappies (diapers) and the other two will store extra linen.

I am beyond thrilled with how these cots turned out. And the best thing is the guys who delivered it also assembled it. So when they came to tell me they were all done, I was greeted by this sight...

We went to buy mattresses, sheets, pillows, duvets, etc. only to find that these are actually large cots, and not standard cots. I didn't specifically ask for large cots and the price was very good... but anyway, it will be a bit of a hassle now finding large everything but at least the babies/ children will be able to use them for a long time as they convert to toddler beds.

I do love functional furniture!

Here is the laundered premature/ tiny baby clothes - girl and boy stuff :)

girl & boy bibs, and then caps/ beanies

This is what it looks like on the shelf

and here are the burp cloths and blankets. The rest of them were in the wash - they're now done but I'm too lazy to take new pics and download.

So next on our list is to return all the standard cot stuff and get the right sizes, and then get those cots made up to look beautiful.

And then we STILL need to go buy the pram. Somehow it's not high on my agenda because if something does happen (shhh, the babies might get ideas) earlier than planned, at least my hubby knows which one to go buy.

I am fussy about the cot stuff (no!) so I need to be doing that myself :)

How are all of you doing?


  1. We've been shopping for the girls today to finish up the nursery too! Everything is currently in piles awaiting the wash and storage bins on the shelves which still need to be hung! I'm glad you love your cribs, we also purchased lifetime beds that go from crib to toddler to full size beds. I only wish ours had under bed storage! I'm glad it's all coming together for you!

  2. I have done absolutely NOTHING to prepare! I need to get busy! I actually did buy some baby clothes hangers today. I need to wash the clothes I already have and at least get those ready! The cots are beautiful! I don't have a room big enough to put 2 side by side. They look amazing!

    Good for you for being so organized!!

    When does the doctor expect you to deliver? Did you say 37 weeks? That's only less than 6 weeks away!! Ahhhh!!!

  3. Wow those cots are fab! The drawers are just so practical :)
    And as for your cute little labelled boxes of clothes - oh my gosh, I'm green with envy - that is SERIOUSLY organised :)
    Yay for everything coming together!!

  4. Mandibula, now this I’m very interested in – how do they go to full-size beds?

    I seriously love those storage drawers – they might be my best preggy decision yet LOL

    Leah, I didn't know if they would fit - I'm not great spatially (and that's being kind to me).

    Our aim is 36 weeks, less than 5 weeks away.

    Lalalalala (that's me in denial)

    Saffy, thanks! I just feel better when things are in order because at least those things i can control. I won't know what to do with the babies but at least their clothes will be organised :)

  5. Anonymous5:18 pm

    My very fertile sister had twins. This tip might help when your babies come! For the first few months they might sleep better if they are right next to each other versus in separate cribs. My sister couldn't figure out why they were so fussy and wouldn't sleep very long, until she put them right next to each other and they slept soundly for many hours at once. When they began rolling around, she separated them so one wouldn't whack at the other and wake him up!
    You are very blessed!

  6. Anonymous, we're going to leave them sleeping together for a bit until they start being naughty and waking one another up :)

    Thanks - we think we're blessed too!

  7. Perhaps full size is a bit misleading, they turn into toddler beds then the rails turn into the headboard and footboard for a full size frame. The crib came with finials to decorate the full size bed too, but I'm sure we'll lose them before we need them!

    6 weeks---AHHHH

    We have 8 left and I'm already freaking out but I guess they have to come out at some point!

  8. The beds/cots/cribs (lol) are ADORABLE! I love the white & all of your little organized spots are wonderful!

    We spent our holiday, Friday, in the baby room organizing, cleaning, moving stuff... we have some showers coming up, so I wanted it as cleared out as possible before that happens!

    It's so exciting & I love seeing all the pictures! :)


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