Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A good NICU visit

C who now looks very different

D & K

Their isolettes with teddies on the top

Holding C

Well, look what I found in my drafts :) I wrote this on our first Sunday (I was discharged on Friday 10th) of us being parents.

We had the BEST visit with the babies this afternoon. I held Connor and D held Kendra while they fed and then the nurses let us hold them for the rest of the hour. It was soooo good just holding those little bodies (in their blankets). I didn't want to let him go...kept whispering to him to grow quickly so he could come home.

I am in love - they are the sweetest kids ever. He's always been so active but he calmed right down when I was holding him almost like "aaah, this is where I belong" - I know I felt that way.

They do the sweetest things with their cute little mouths when they're done eating - they purse their lips and it's like they're saying "okay, that's enough now, I am DONE!"

here's the mouth

I said to D, "this is going to be interesting for you - not just me being stubborn but these two too!"

I didn't cry today!!!! Miracle!

Tomorrow I'll blog the bad one...


  1. Leigh dear, so good to see the photos of your babies, and to know that Connor is already home. Let's hope Kendra follows suit and you can axe those hospital visits from your life, enjoying now the presence of your babies around you.
    Good luck on the process of mourning the loss of your belly. I have no idea what it feels like, but some part of me can comprehend that there's grief in that. May you soon be able to transition to the here and now in a happy way.

  2. Uh ho. The bad one?? I hope it's not too bad. I have a feeling we'll have our babies home soon!

  3. Your babies are beautiful! I am so glad they are doing well. Can't wait for you all to be together again!

  4. Oh, they are soo cute! I have to say, the pic startled me at first b/c K looked so so tiny and I thought it was a current pic! Glad to hear it's from a while ago. Hope that C is not making you tooooooooo sleep deprived. Thinking of you!



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