Friday, July 31, 2009

Kendra update

Just had a call from the paediatrician.

Her haemoglobin levels are a bit low (7.something and should be more than 10) so they're going to do a blood transfusion which will fix it.

And then...............


I'm happy but will we cope???

Thank goodness my mother's arriving tomorrow for 4 whole weeks!

P.S. The pics were taken on Wednesday evening.

P.P.S. Last night, every 3 hours when we changed Connor, he'd peed through EVERYTHING - vest, leggings, babygrow (onesie), receiving blanket. How can a boy that small make such a lot of pee?!


  1. You must be feeding C well! I'm so glad K is coming home-and a bit jealous! You'll have to let us know how it is with twins at home!!

  2. Glad to hear K is getting to come home! Exciting and crazy times! :) Our twins' birthmom is in the hospital, her water broke on Tuesday evening, 30 weeks. They are keeping her on bedrest and prolonging labor as long as possible (guess that is common here?). They want her to make it to 34 weeks, but we're not convinced that she'll make it that long. We're just praying for mom and babies to be safe and healthy and strong! So glad to hear that your babies are doing well! God bless, Missy

  3. I'm so happy she gets to go home to you! You'll cope just fine, I'm sure. Is D feeling better yet? At least your mom will be there. That should help a lot. By the way, I think Kendra looks so much like you! It's good to see you holding your babies and experiencing the tangible reality of God's gift. It's something I'm beginning to envy a bit and I look forward to experiencing it myself in the next few weeks.

  4. Mandibula, I just decided to increase his feeds today because when I went to check on him at exactly the 3-hour mark, his little tummy was growling :)

    Missy, oh my word, exciting times ahead for you. Hopefully she can keep them in.

    Mandy, D is better but not great. His doc booked him off from work for only 3 days so he had to go back yesterday but has been "taking it easy".

    And funny - we think K looks more like D and C looks more like me. However a friend said after seeing a pic of C's "he looks just like D" and I replied, "WE think he looks like Dr G" (infertility doc - my weird sick sense of humour :))

  5. We've found with our kids that depending on age and facial expressions - they can look like either of us. I have a nephew (my sister's boy) that everyone says looks EXACTLY like his dad. Everyone says Joel looks just like Tim. BUT ... my sister and I often get their baby pictures mixed up, especially if Joel is wearing hand me downs (Joel is excited - he just saw his name as I'm typing) ... anyway - it is hard to tell the boys apart. Go figure. My grandma after hearing us comparing different features of different children (my parents have 23 grand children) commented... "Well, I think they look like themselves."

  6. Was wondering what kind of diapers you are using?

    The only time we had trouble with Joel wetting himself this bad was when we failed to point him DOWN into the diaper. If he's pointing straight out or up, it will go everywhere!

  7. Rachel, we also think they look like themselves. Bits and pieces of us here and there but mostly their own little people.

    Oh my WORD, you are a genius! That didn’t even occur to me – next change I’llmake sure he’s pointing down.

    We use Huggies Premmie nappies – I think it’s the only prem nappies in SA. When they’re bigger, we’ll transition to Pampers.

  8. Is Kendra home yet? I can't wait for you to have your family all together! It's fun to see what your babies look like on the outside. I can imagine what mine looks like on the inside! I hope mine is as cute as yours!


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