Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're a man down

Connor, doing his traffic cop impression :)

We’re a man down in our house. D woke up sick yesterday (oh my word, feels like days ago!) so I did the 2am and 5am feeds this morning and I am shot to hell.

Previously he did these two feeds as I do not get up easily. It's easier for me to stay up (which I may just do tonight until 2am...........) than get up.

This morning poor Connor had to SCREAM to get me up (slept through my alarm) and he is not a screamer so I dread to think how long he was awake before he managed to rouse me.

I banished D to the guest bedroom so he wouldn't breathe his germs all over C and also bought surgical masks for him to wear while changing and feeding him. I'm not taking chances and having C back in that NICU.

Needless to say, I was totally out of it today and as a result, a bit weepy*. I only woke at 11:15 (D did 8am and 11am feeds), decided I needed a day just for me so only went to see Kendra now at 8pm because I couldn’t handle snide comments from the day nurses (about how mummy is late to see her baby, etc, etc).

Hopefully tonight will be better – I’m doing 11pm and 2am – D will do 5am and I’ll do 8am again.

*I thought I was over the "grieving for my pregnancy" thing - not so! A friend sent me pics of her maternity photo shoot and that made me cry again!


  1. I feel you over missing pregnancy. I feel like I was cheated!

  2. Oh! Sending so many positive thoughts! It will get easier!!! Hang in there. And get better quick, D!!


  3. Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one – I know it’s crazy because I only have to turn my head and see a real live baby...

    Thanks, Mo - last night was a lot easier. I decided to just stay up until 2 and that worked much better. D did 5 and 8am.

  4. Okay, how rude if the nurses were to say that!? I can't believe that!! That's horrible! Like your life isn't completely going crazy with a wee little one @ home now. I hope the visit to see Kendra was refreshing!!

    Hope today goes much better for you, dear.


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