Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's in a name?

People have asked me how we decided on the baby names, if we chose names based on their meanings or how we did it.

Um, no.

We first decide on the name, and then check to make sure it doesn't mean something really weird or go against our beliefs.

The amazing thing is D and I actually agreed immediately on the names. A minor miracle in itself.

We normally like very different sort of names. I like weird names like Saskia and Tatiana, and he likes very English names like Rebecca (but that just doesn’t seem like names MY kids would have).

We both loved Luke until I got pregnant and said to D one day, “this child is not a Luke. He’s way too active and Luke feels like a gentler sort of boy” :) so that name was scrapped from our mental list.

When we said Connor, we both liked it. But ... I like all things Irish and wanted to spell it Conor, like the Irish do. But we live in South Africa, not Ireland, so he'd have to spell it out for people every time they asked him his name.

I had enough of that when I was growing up so did not want it for my kids too.

Also Conor means strong-willed which I do not have a problem with, since I'm also strong-willed , but Scottish Connor means brilliant, so we settled on that spelling.

As for Kendra, I love love love names starting with a K for girls. We liked a couple of others too like Kyra but eventually Kendra was the one we liked; it is Celtic and means greatest champion.

I recently "met" a Kendra through another blog. I loved her "about me" profile. Go read :)

So there you go.

Oh by the way, Connor was discharged on Thursday. Story to follow. We are doing well - 2nd night better than 1st :)


  1. What wonderful news that Connor has been discharged!! You must have your hands full! Thinking of you!!


  2. Hey that's fantastic news - yay for Connor! Kendra won't be far behind of that we can be sure :) Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

  3. Hello there! I've been following your story and reading via my Google Reader...decided to come out of "lurking" status so that I can say "thanks" to you for sharing your story. My husband and I have tried to conceive for over 12 years. Meanwhile, we've adopted 9 children and have recently been asked to adopt newborn twin boys!! They are due October 4, but we are sure they are most likely going to be born early. I'm so excited to hear that your Connor has already come home, and I'm definitely praying for everyone & for Kendra to be released from the hospital soon, too! Our baby boys will most likely have some similar concerns depending upon how early they are born. I believe their birthmom is at almost 30 weeks now.

    So, anyway, THANK YOU for sharing your story here, and I'm sure I'll check back in as our story progresses! I've been horrible at blogging recently but my blog is at, so feel free to check it out if you have time! :)

    Thanks again & God Bless You & Your FAMILY!

  4. Ahhh. How did you handle bring just Connor home? I'm a mess and Claire isn't even home yet!

  5. Mandibula, I think my heart just healed once I got to bring Connor home. I had a moment in the NICU when we left Kendra but as soon as we've been home, I've been fine. The thing is i know she is in the best place possible for her!

    Also, it is great practice having just one. And Connor is my easy baby :)

    And Missy, a BIG WELCOME to you. You are a rockstar! Twin boys on top of all that :)

  6. Yay for home! :) And great names too.


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