Wednesday, August 12, 2009

35 week belly shot aka the reverse belly

I gained 10,9 kg (multiply by 2.2 for pounds) during my pregnancy.

A week later I’d already lost 6,3 of the 10,9 kg I gained during the pregnancy. Other people would be happy but it made me very sad – I cried and cried on the first Sat when I saw that over 5kg had already gone – because I loved being pregnant and it all happened so suddenly.

To date, I only have 2,1kg to go to get to my pre-preg weight.

Here are some reverse belly pics in the same format we took the preggy belly pics. These were taken nearly two weeks ago.


  1. Hi Leigh! Thanks for your comment... it really does help to know there are others out there who know how it feels, doesn't it? Your babies are beautiful! I read over your last few posts, and I've totally been where you are. I am so glad to see you didn't stress about switching to formula- stressed mom=stressed babies. : ) We also went through the evening fussiness stage. Luckily, it started working itself out by 12 weeks or so. Have you tried Mylicon gas drops? I resisted, because I don't like using any kind of medicine unless it's necessary, but it really helps sometimes. Hang in there-in a few weeks, those sweet smiles will make it all so much better!!

  2. Most would be envious that you're almost at your pre-preg weight! You look amazing considering you've probably had little sleep and are looking after 2 time-consuming bundles.

  3. Reverse belly pics! That is brilliant - never though of it!


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