Sunday, August 23, 2009

Business as usual?

A friend sent me an email to check if I'd had my six-week check-up with my gynae yet and was it "business as usual".

Actually, no, because my doctor is on holiday for two weeks. So I'll be having an eight-week check-up.

But.......we haven't done the deed since I was 26 weeks pregnant. That was when I had the second bleed and was told no exercise, no sex, no nothing.

So that makes it 12 weeks! Can't believe it's that long - will I even remember how it all works?

Or more importantly, will we be able to stay awake long enough?



  1. You make me laugh. I have been on pelvic rest too so that makes so far 18 weeks for me and my 'poor' husband. He thinks he's dying, but it's only going to get longer!

  2. Tomorrow will be 18 weeks for us! Ack! One more week till check-up....which I need to schedule.....

    Looks like we'll never get back to it!

  3. Congrats on twins! Only 9 days to go for you...I still have 89 (I'm counting it down- so excited!)

  4. this was hilarious!
    i'm pretty sure you'll remember how to do it... but truly, staying awake can be a huge challenge ;)

  5. We didn't "do the deed" that often when I was pregnant with the boys either. And we were so tired having the boys home at six weeks that we waited another two before anything happened in that department again. It's OK though. We have plenty of time in the rest of our life to make up the dry spell.


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