Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In case you've been wondering...

Kendra's home.

She was discharged from the NICU yesterday after 27 days - yesss! less than a month.

Life is HECTIC - I will be brutally honest if people want to ask questions :) - I have found myself falling asleep twice during the day and this morning fell asleep while burping Connor.

I am coping okay for now but dread to see what will happen when D goes back to work.........

more later - the boy needs changing and feeding :)


  1. Such wonderful news! Welcome home Kendra! Hang in there, Leigh. I hear it will get better! Thinking of the four of you!


  2. good news indeed!
    Sending you thoughts for a quick adaptation to the new life with your adorable babies. :)

  3. Yay I am so glad she is home.
    It does get better after a while. I remember the first month with my son thinking, oh my gosh this is not what I thought it was going to be like being a mommy! This is hard!
    Once that first month goes by and you start to get the hang of things and get on a little bit of a schedule it will get better.
    And you do get used to less sleep, which is sad to say (I love my sleep).

  4. The first 6 - 12 weeks are the hardest, then everyone seems to fall into a routine and things get so much easier.

    We'll be praying for you. Get all the sleep that you can, while you can - it is very important to your health and mental state.

    I did the no sleep thing with Vannan and it was not fun. So many things can wait for the 6 weeks for things to calm down. I had several people ask if I needed help, and only took advantage of it a few times. Looking back, I would have asked could they come clean the kitchen, put in something for supper, and vacuum the floors while I took a nap ... and would have benefited so much from that.

    These days of adjusting to each other and working out a schedule will pass. And soon you will have a new normal and adjust to your new life.


  5. That's really good that one is home.

    Wishing you rest. :)

  6. You're making me nervous!! Emma is coming home tomorrow. Things have been relatively easy having one at home, now you're scaring me!

    Rest up!!

    Have you and D tried a switching schedule? We split it at night time so I take the girls till their 3/4 a.m. feeding while he sleeps and then he'll take over and I sleep till 9 a.m. It ensure a little sleep to both of us and he's always be an early riser anyhow.

  7. I am so thrilled that you and the twinnies are finally together....just love, love and more love and they'll grow like weeds.

    Thinking of you and sending lots of love

    C xx

  8. It's soooo hard at first and so overwhelming. You're doing a great job though. It does get easier!

  9. Thanks, Mo – that’s the good thing about this – it CAN only get better, right?!

    Dana, thank goodness for that. I heard about the 6-week thing and am wondering…6 weeks from birth or 6 weeks from being home?!

    Rachel, I am all about taking help but not many are offering  clearly they know more than we do!

    Seriously though, when people have offered, we ask them to come and help with a feed or whatever.

    Mandy, we also thought “this is a breeze” with one – it really was LOVELY to just have Connor because there was time for everything.

    When only Connor was home, I’d do 11pm and 2am feeds (it’s easier for me to stay awake than get up) and D would do 5am (he gets up at 6 anyway) and 8am and then I’d be up around 9 for the rest of the day. So we both got sleep – heaven.

    With these two, one person can’t cope with both babies. Well, one of us! Maybe you two can do it and give me tips.


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