Monday, August 10, 2009

together at last

He looks three times her size but is actually only about 0.5 kg heavier.

plan B with sleeping arrangements - a camp cot. D assembled it, put the babies in andthen called me to see.

Well, I burst out crying.

Tears of happiness for a change.

This long, 4 1/2 year journey has led to this - finally!


  1. Aw! I absolutely love it. Your two precious babies, side by side. It's all worth it, isn't it. All of the years. All of the heartache. All of the BFN's. All leading up to this! I know that things haven't been easy, even since the births with the NICU and the breastfeedings and the screaming, but I hope that when you see moments like these, you realize that all of the other things are temporary. These are your gifts from God. These are your miracle babies!!!

  2. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Beautiful... simply, miraculously, amazingly beautiful!!
    You are both so very blessed!

  3. omg i haven't been on here in a while. congratulations on having the babies. they are gorgeous and i'm so very happy for you.

  4. They look wonderful. I love looking at them.

    How are they doing? Kendra any less fussy? And how was the nurse?


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