Thursday, September 03, 2009

Date night

I decided that I need to take more control of my life because otherwise I feel like I'm just freewheeling and I hate that feeling.

So I said to D that when the nannies are here, in addition to getting some sleep, we should try and restore some order again.

We're going to both go to gym on Mondays and tonight, while M's here, we're going to a movie. From next week when C works Friday nights, I think we'll make Fridays date night once again.

We went out for supper on the Saturday before they were born so it's been nearly 9 weeks since we've had a date night. You'd think we'd have had time once I was discharged and when they were in the NICU, but no, because we were at the hospital every night.

I'm looking forward to being out with D since we've only ever been able to go out one at a time since they've both been home. I don't want all the people breathing their winter germs on the babies so one of us stays home to look after them. It's already hard enough doing their normal routine; I can't deal with sick babies on top of everything else.

I went to church alone this weekend and everyone wanted to know where the babies were. My friend C tells me that when you have twins, every Tom Dick and Harry stops you in the shopping centres, etc. She is very gracious with the hordes of people but I will have to work on my tact because my instinct will be to say "get away from my babies and NO, you can't touch them" :)


  1. You are so lucky to have help. I'm looking forward to going back to work next Tuesday. My SIL will be watching the babies during the day and it will be great to have a "break". Plus it will be great to have her around all the time to keep me company when DH is off working. He's going out of town all next week for work, so I'm glad Nicki will be staying with us.

  2. this is fantastic Leigh that you guys are getting this help, and also planning on date nights. I love the pic of your two smiling :)
    and the babies bathing... the little butts!!! so adorable!

  3. Good for you! You will feel much better, trust me. As for going out, everyone will stop you and they all say the same things.
    1. Comment about their size.
    2. Comment about their undeniable cuteness
    3. Ask if they are twins
    4. Ask their genders, even if it is blatantly obvious

    We've broken it down into twins and other comments. Our last outing to the store:
    Trip Time: 30 mins
    Twin Comments: 4
    Other Comments: 13
    And some crazy old lady came and touched Claire's foot in the car seat and I almost hip checked her into next week! Be careful, they are crazy out there!

  4. Leigh, I'm so glad you're getting out for a break! It's amazing how restored you feel when you come home. I saw your comment about my girls sleeping...don't worry, yours WILL get there too, and you'll hardly be able to remember what it felt like to be up all night! : )

    And yes, going out with twins is definitely an experience. When I'm not in the mood, I put on my "game face" and people somehow get the message to stay away! hahaha...then you go out with one baby and you're shocked that no one comments on how cute they are.

  5. LOL

    Now see I’m usually very blunt – like “of course they’re not identical – can’t you see they’re a boy and girl?!” so will have to be careful I don’t get decked.

    Deanna, my friend told me the same thing - she went with one twin and not a SOUL said anything about how cute she was!

  6. I went to church last sunday with baby D. It didn't cross my mind that I was exposing him to potential germs until some folk arrived late and sat in front of us, the Mom had a baby tied to her back and this child had a horrendous cough. I felt quite panicky and wanted to move away - but it was the middle of the sermon and I didn't want to cause a scene. This is what I don't like about myself - I will not do anything so as not to cause a stir against my will.... I just spent the rest of the time praying none of the germs would reach us! So far so good - he seems fine. Theres ALWAYS something to worry about being a Mom!


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