Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How you know your babies have been in NICU too long

Since our NICU days I now go to the hospital pharmacy for almost everything because it is right near the entrance of the hospital, there's free parking unlike at the shopping centre and it is about a km nearer my house.

So I popped in there to pick up something and...

I waved to the security guards at the boom gates, said hello to the one at the hospital entrance, chatted to the pharmacy and the hospital reception staff and then I realised...

OH MY WORD - I am waaaayyyyy too familiar with all these people.

Reminds me of the day we collected Kendra and I actually got all teary at the thought of not coming back there daily to visit her.

Absolutely crazy!

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  1. I was thinking the same exact thing today in the shower! I was going through NICU photos and remembered I had to send in pictures of the girls which reminded me to check and see if Nurse Karen had her baby and if Nurse Roz sent her son to DH's school and so on and so on!


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