Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I don't know how you do it


I don't know how you do it without any help, that is.

I am slowly getting more sane and returning to a semblance of who I used to be, not the crazed, sleep-deprived maniac from a few weeks ago.

I'm still sleep-deprived but it's not that bad thanks to all the help.

We asked our nanny who started yesterday if she'd consider doing some night nannying for us before starting to work full-time and she agreed. So she worked on a Thursday and then the following Monday.
Absolutely no problem with the babies - we didn't hear a peep the entire night.
BUT my mother had been staying with me (for 4 weeks in August) and she happened to talk to C who told her she'd worked a full day elsewhere, finished at 5pm and then came to our place to start at 7pm.
I was very cross because I don't want someone half asleep because then we could do it. I don't know if it's unreasonable or not but I just felt like I want someone alert especially since we're paying for the service.
Anyway, then she went on holiday and I approached an agency to look for another night nanny for a 2 - 3 month stint. I am really hoping the babies start sleeping through by then as we can't afford to do this night nannying thing forever. As it is, I'm digging into my savings which I am SO loathe to do (I grew up with not much money so only feel really secure when I have some stashed away).
They sent 3 people on that particular weekend, I interviewed them all and chose one. We didn't waste any time because we asked her to start the Monday following.
Well, that night (or rather, the next morning at around 2am) I woke to hear the babies screaming - both of them, even Connor (Kendra has a high pitched shrill scream and Connor's is normal) - and it literally took everything in me to stay in my bed and not "rescue" them. The rest of the night was fine but the babies were SOOOOO unsettled the next day. I know their routine and personalities and they were all out of sorts. So much so that I cancelled a friend's visi because I wanted NO stimulation of any kind - I just wanted them to get back to their normal selves.
Of course, besides that, I now started freaking out so I emailed the agency and said what if it doesn't work out with M, etc, etc. They reassured me and said the babies are probably just getting used to her because she is one of their most popular nannies. I have no way of knowing if this is true...but agreed that I need to give her a fair chance.
Well, Thursday rolled around and ...completely different situation. She seemed more confident with them, not too much crying that night (none that woke me) and they were fine the next day.
The same thing on Monday so it looks like M is working out. I'm praying for them to get used to all their caregivers quickly though because K especially is very demanding and with the nannies, she can get her way. Not so with me.
Now back to C. She started yesterday and seemed to be walking on eggshells a bit for the first 3 hours or so. Probably because I was hovering over the babies. Not good. So I decided to get out of the house and leave her to it. Went to have my hair done (grey coloured over) and then to visit my friend in hospital who'd had her twin girls on Monday.
Good thing I did because when I returned she'd gotten into her stride - babies were clean, bathed, fed and sleeping like angels. Bottles were made up, baby laundry was done, etc.
I had left her with the 10-page Control Journal so she knew what was expected.

We're going to try something for a bit to see how it goes - she is going to work Mon - Thurs and then work Fri as a night nanny. That means we'll be able to sleep 3 nights a week - yayyyy!


  1. I don't know how you do it with the nanny! LOL! I'm green with envy but I don't know if I could have strangers in my house and I definitely don't have the $$$. I don't even invite family over-I'm such a hermit. I'm so glad you're getting sleep though. I feel that I'm getting short tempered with them in the night hours because of my lack of sleep which isn't very fair to them but I'm just one person! Are you sleeping during the day when the nanny is there?

  2. P.S.
    My husband yelled at me for this so now I'll do the same for you-time for a new ticker!

  3. Anonymous9:41 am

    Love the cute bum pics! Do you bath them in the big bath? Caren


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