Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm sub-fertile and good to go

I had my 6-week check up on Tuesday at exactly 9 weeks because my doctor was on holiday and then when he was back I couldn't get an appointment.

Nevertheless, I prepared well and had my notebook ready with all my questions.

(I joke with D and say that I'm Dr C's favourite patient - who else is as prepared for consultations???!!! I'm a coach and LOVE the sessions where people are prepared so maybe that's why I do it - I don't know...)

I was 5 minutes late because I was reminded (thanks Mandy) to take a picture of the babies with me for his wall so had to pop past the shopping centre first to get it printed.

In a really strange way I was sad knowing that I won't be seeing him again soon because no more pregnancies. He does gynae as well as babies so I decided that he is now my new doctor, but that's only going to happen annually.

He asked me what I wanted to do about birth control and I'm like "Birth control????? (raised voice) I spent thousands and years to get pregnant. It certainly is never going to happen naturally!".

He agreed that it was improbable but did say that it's not impossible. Granted, 1% is not impossible but I don't fall on the good side of statistics when it comes to fertility. I do know that these things happen so agreed to go on a low-dosage birth control pill since I'm (in his words) sub-fertile.

I asked when I'd be getting my period and he said it differs... I'm not breastfeeding.... so should happen soon. Don't you hate the vagueness??? And maybe I'm pregnant.

Pregnant?! I said that would be a miracle since we haven't done the deed yet. He says "poor man" so I said "we are too tired. Bed is now for sleep".

And then my main question about my sore knees and joints (I noticed my ankles are also sore as well as my hips). He asked me if I had arthritis, or arthritis in the family. We don't. Apparently the body produces about 10 times the amount of cortisol while you're pregnant and when you give birth, it goes away so your condition can seem much worse.

He didn't think it was due to the size of The Bump (my theory) since I didn't have any extra weight and I only went to 32 weeks.

So I'm going to carry on exercising and evaluate in a month's time. I'm thinking it should get better with exercise (?) otherwise off to the orthopaedic specialist I go. I need to be in full working order with these two so can't afford to be unfit.

My friend, C, said to me that she had the same type of pain but in her feet and it went away after 3 months. Here's hoping...

Then he asks when I had my last Pap Smear. It was last year sometime so he says "can we do one now or do you need time to prepare?" Ha ha ha! Funny man - knows me so well. But I was ready so we did it and what do you know? He tells me my period's just starting.

He also did an internal - it was not horrible (girls, Dr G's are worse!) so the internal he did at the birth was not a once-off good one - and everything's back in place (except for the tummy flab) - and checked my BP. 100/60 which is low but is really good for me as my BP is only normal when I'm really stressed! Oh, and he checked my breasts - also normal, but also still a bit bigger.

We also checked my weight - I don't quite know what he was looking for....obviously a lot less than when he weighed me last time.

Then I gave him a card and the babies' photo which he loved. He read the card right there in front of me!!! So embarrassing because I gushed quite a bit......but he did say "it was a pleasure"

And that's it.

Next appointment in a year's time or when I'm pregnant. How these doctors like to joke!


  1. i laughed when my OB said we'd discuss birth control after delivery. birth control!?

    how about 2 blocked tubes & lazy sperm- that's our birth control!

  2. I called it "natural birth control" and my Dr. laughed. She swears it happens all the time and to be prepared! She thinks I have the time, energy and will! HA! These babies don't have pause buttons so we can attempt to make more!!

  3. I had joint pain afterward too...I think it took about 3-4 months. Plus, think about how much more you're moving now!

  4. Glad to hear your internal went better than expected and that your 6 (9) week check up was all good. To answer your previous question, I don't regret having the c-section at all or wish it had been a vaginal birth instead. In a way, I was kinda relieved to not have to face the unknown of labor, not knowing how much it might hurt or how long it would take. Instead, I got completely numbed up and the whole process took a matter of minutes before I had my baby! The recovery has been super easy too. So, it's been pretty nice.

    I can't believe how often you blog with 2 babies! I can barely find time with one! That's why my post was SO long!!! I had a WHOLE LOT of information to cover and it took me nearly 3 weeks just to have the time to say it all! Sounds like you are adjusting to motherhood well, though.


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