Saturday, September 05, 2009

A list of bloggy stuff

  • Did you see? I tidied up my header and my sidebar.
  • Finally took off the twin baby pic that said x days to go. Where can I get one of those tickers for babies?
  • Does anyone know why some blogger blogs have a button "follow this blog" on the top and some don't? Also, is following a blog the same as adding it to your Google Reader? Some of the blogs are both on my dashboard and in Google Reader and some not.
  • I discovered a cool thing. was always there but I finally figured out a cool use for it. When you comment, there's a section where you can subscribe to comments "email follow-up comments to ________________ ". This is so useful especially if another blogger wrote about something you're interested in, like breastfeeding, sleeping schedules, etc. All the comments will be emailed to you and you can follow the conversation without having to keep checking back on the blog.
  • If you have a blogger blog (I don't know how it works with other platforms), check in your blogger profile if the email box is ticked. If not, please tick. Then we'll be able to chat even more easily and I can reply to your comments :)
  • And finally, thanks to all who comment. Real Life Friends, don't be shy. Comment when you feel the need even if you don't have a blog - all you do is put your name.


  1. good job on "cleaning up" your blog space :)
    I guess the blogs that have the "follow this blog" button on top are the ones who do not have it as a widget on the sides.

  2. I think Clio's right they're about the same. I know with following you can do so anonymously and is only on blogger accounts I believe. Goggle just keeps track of everything.

    Thumbs up to the sprucing of the blog!

  3. I had to add a "Follow this Blog" button to my blog - with the gadgets and I choose where to put it - it didn't do it automatically. All blogs that you "Follow" with the button will go to your dashboard - which you can also choose to add to your Google Reader, it doesn't do that automatically either.
    Kendra had signed up for both and was getting 2 copies of mine.
    I've also got Feedburner on mine, and with that, people can sign up directly with Google Reader or several other popular readers and even have the posts emailed to them daily.
    The gadgets also offer a Subscribe button. I just went ahead and put a variety on mine so people had a choice of what they wanted to use.
    I've also got a feed that puts it up on facebook.

  4. Hmmm... just noticed that the "Follow this Blog" showed up at the top of the page when I signed into my blog to edit and was not there before.

  5. Anonymous3:00 pm

    any news coming ?


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