Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Miracles do happen

When I did my first IVF in Sept/ Oct last year, there were 3 of us Cycle Sistas in blogland - Debbie, Blythe and me.

Day by day we blogged and commented and encouraged one another and ..............sadly, only Debbie stayed pregnant and had her identical twin girls at 34 weeks a couple of months ago. Blythe had a negative and I had my chemical pregnancy that left me devastated.

Somehow I consoled myself that she was the one out of three (IVF stats) and that my time would come.

Because in amongst all that grief, I felt some hope - hope that at least I'd gotten pregnant so surely it was only a matter of time and statistics.

Funny, at my clinic, we were also 3 ladies on the same cycle. They retrieved our eggs the same day and only one of us fell pregnant and she had her little girl (of course I kept in touch - be careful if I meet you, I am a connector of note! I don't let go of relationships easily) on 12 June. The other girl didn't really have any good embryos to put back but insisted on transferring poor quality embryos (she didn't fall pregnant) and of course, there was me with my chemical.

Then we waited one cycle for my body to sort itself out and started again with IVF number 2 at the end of November.

That time I connected with a lot of people in blogland who were pregnant either a week ahead or the same time.

And now we've all had our babies.

Rachie Pachie

Just waiting for Trina's little girl to be born.

A real life friend also had her twin girls yesterday and oh, I can't WAIT to meet them. She was 6 weeks behind me and had hers at exactly 34 weeks. Can you believe my babies are 8 weeks old today (where has the time gone)?!

I am beyond excited at all these miracle babies.

We are all proof that miracles do happen.

I know it's hard (and hard doesn't even start to describe all the crazy emotions) if you're not there yet, or even if you're waiting for miracle number 2.

There were MANY times when I honestly thought I'd have to live child-free, not by choice but by circumstance, and yet, here I am today - this time last year I was gearing up for IVF number 1 and now there are two little babies, squealing in the bedroom, so best I get moving!


  1. Congratulations! I wanted to chime in that I'm another IVF success story. Our twin boys were born at 31 weeks and are now 13 weeks old!

  2. I'm another success...I was starting my third IUI this time 2 years ago. I'll never be the same and I'm very lucky...I know that.

  3. I didn't have to go through as much as many other people, but I pray that my story is always a testimony to others that God does answer prayers.


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