Friday, September 11, 2009

One year ago today...

we started our first IVF cycle.

I remember us going into the clinic to learn how to do the Lucrin shots and me not being able to do it.

I stood with that needle pointing towards my tummy for AGES until D took the needle from me and jabbed me. And that was the start of him doing ALL my shots.

It has not been easy. I remember many days of crying because I was so scared of the needles but I'd pray and get just enough courage/ strength to last me 5 minutes to get the shot. And I'd be fine for another day.

We've come a long, long way.


  1. A long way indeed. Good job mama!

  2. Hello Leigh, I saw your comment on Jennifer's blog and if you would like a custom header and background, I would love to do it, in my 'spare time.' :) E-mail me at

  3. It's amazing how quickly you get over needle issues, right? My husband used to get faint at the sight of a needle and would have to lie down...then he was jabbing me in the toosh! Good going!!!

  4. Rebecca, No! I can honestly say i am STILL not over the needles :) which goes to show if I could go through IVF, anybody could LOL

  5. Aren't you glad you made it through? You have two beautiful miracles to show for it!

    One year ago yesterday, I found out I was having twins!


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