Sunday, September 06, 2009

Questions for my 6-week follow up

Except this is actually a 9-week follow-up appointment because my doctor was on holiday and then last week when he was back I couldn't get an appointment. Grrr.
Anyway, it's happening on Tuesday - I can't believe the twins will be 9 weeks old.
So tell me - what happens at the 6-week follow-up and what questions do I need to ask him?

I asked my friend C if they do an internal and she said "yes, it's horrible. brace yourself". Oh dear!

These are the ones I have so far:
  1. why are my knees so messed up?
  2. when am I supposed to get my period?
And seeing as he's doing an internal anyway, I want him to do a Pap smear and get that out of the way for the year.

What else???

And in other news, look what I found under my bed! A Cyclogest pessary!
Must have rolled under the bed one evening and I was too lazy to look for it - not that I would have used it but still!


  1. My 6 week wasn't horrible. It's like a regular GYN visit. Pap, internal and they check your scar. Quick talk about birth control (HA like I need that!) and then we proceeded to fuss over the babies since I had them with me!
    Make sure you take a picture with you, these babies earned their spot on the wall!

  2. I just had a 2 week check up and they told me that at my 6 week check up I would have a vaginal exam and have my uterus checked to make sure it was getting back to normal. They'd also check my c-section incision and discuss birth control options with me. Why would the internal be so horrible if you had a c-section?! I look forward to hearing how your appointment goes.

  3. Mandi, you are so right. Will have to take a pic. I said to D, it's going to be sad - I know I'm his favourite patient. Who else whips out a notebook with a list of questions at every appt?! LOL

    Mandy, I just hate internals - gross. And they usually hurt for me - i think it's the endometriosis.

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  5. I didn't have an internal at my 6 week... not complaining but wonder why it is necessary? I had a ultra sound and he checked everything including uterus that way. Much easier and less fuss. Did a quick urine test and talked about birth control...


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