Monday, October 12, 2009

And the winner is....

Remember this giveaway for the $45 gift card?

I've just been checking through my reminders in Outlook and I see I forgot to post the winner FOUR DAYS AGO!


Let's just say the past couple of days have been hectic...

extreme heat = niggly babies
Kendra has a cold = parents don't sleep
visitors = overstimulation


So without any further ado....

the winner is SHANNON who said...

Considering I have 4 month old twin daughters, anything would be appreciated!!! I really like your idea of the mobile, though, because neither one of mine have one and they are starting to laugh and have fun in their cribs (finally!!!) I also love the ceiling sculptures!!! Good luck with your babies.
Congratulations, Shannon, look out for an email from me!


  1. So, I have a cold and am scared to death of passing it on to BB. How is the world do you deal with a cold in a little one? I am trying so hard to keep my hands washed, not get too close, etc.

  2. You poor thing, Leah!

    We’re wearing surgical masks and trying to get well as quickly as possible – vit C, oranges, orange juice, sleep (when we can!)...


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