Saturday, October 24, 2009

I think I've lost my Connor mojo

oh my word, Connor has not been sleeping properly today.

The Gina Ford book says babies are supposed to be awake around 6 hours daily to sleep properly at night. If you're not a Gina Ford fan, just stay with me....I'm trying to make a point.

I only started tracking their awake times yesterday. Connor was awake between 5 and 6 hours yesterday - fabulous - and today when he hit 6 hours, I was like YAYYYY!

I spoke too soon.

Because I put him down, he slept for 30 minutes and was then WIDE awake again. No amount of feeding, rocking, changing, etc. would do it for him.

And yet I could see in his eyes how tired he was.

I can usually get Connor to quiet VERY quickly, the best of anyone, I don't mind saying. So I'm thinking I've lost my Connor mojo.

Well, two hours later (so now over 8 hours of awake time!!!), he is finally asleep.

And I am DEAD on my feet.

I came to the computer to read blogs for a bit while my wonderful husband made me a cup of tea and washed all the bottles (I think they've multiplied - I didn't notice I'd amassed such a lot because the nannies usually clean them but when they stand unwashed... well, let's just say I have a lot less counter space).

And he has now bossed me off to bed.

Very happy to comply.

Will let you know how the boy sleeps tonight - if this awake time works

P.S. that babygrow says "I love my mummy"

Edited to add

He slept 5,5 hours and then 3 hours. I think he's resetting his sleep patterns.


  1. My boys sleep 11 hours at night and 4-5 during the day which leaves about 8-9 hours of awake time.

  2. Monday was 13 weeks for us and it was like a light went off! They are both awake and active more-I was totally uprepared for such a change and thought it was from our trip but it hasn't left!

    Next week-nap time starts!

  3. make me laugh! I am 36 with bad knees and need to lose a crap ton of I have you beat :-)
    Cereal did not change their sleeping habits. They have been sleeping about 11 hours a night since September and we started cereal on Oct 13th. We put them to bed at 7:30 and they wake up at 7:00...thank the Lord!!!!!!

  4. Love the pictures...their sleep schedules change the minute you think you have them figured out. I just read the comment you left about the gym and changing (or lack thereof) what? Haha...such is the life of a multiple Mom! Hang in there and thank God for a husband who will make you tea!!! Oh, and who is Gina Ford? I am not familiar! Those people who write those books? Mostly liars...hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

  5. He may be a ratbag but gosh he's cute :) I get the sleeping thing - frustrating eh? Grrrr :)


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