Thursday, October 29, 2009

My immune system is also shot

In addition to the messed-up knees, the twins gave me another little "gift".

A compromised immune system.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I've not had a cold in about 10 years. Not even while pregnant.

Aside from the IVF stuff (egg retrieval and transfer) and the actual operations, I haven't taken a normal sick day once at this current company (4 and a half years) and at my previous company (5 years 2 months).

So when I actually got a cold at the beginning of the month, first, I couldn't believe it, and then, I naturally assumed if I had some vitamin C and orange juice, it would all be gone in a few hours.


3 and a half weeks later I was still battling this cold, on and off.

On Sunday night I couldn't hear properly and in the early hours of Monday morning, my ears started really troubling me.

I leaned over a cot to pick up a baby and not only did my head swim but PAIN!!!! in both ears.

That's when I decided to stop being cheap and go see the doctor.

I explained everything and she told me my immune system is compromised due to sleep deprivation.

Um, yes.

So other than sleeping as much as I can (which I thought I'm already doing), I can boost it with vitamin C (already doing) and zinc. Zinc's found in green, leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli, so I'll consciously be cooking with these in the next few weeks and beyond.

Spent R780 on consult and all the meds and am happy to say I'm on the mend.

Of course on Monday when I totally felt terrible - painful ears, head swimming, etc. at 4:50 (she starts at 7 pm) my night nanny phoned to tell me she's sick and can't come to work. After we'd been looking forward to a break for two long days and nights.

Thank goodness D took one look at me when he got home and said to go sleep. So after feeding us, I slept from 8 to about 2:30.


  1. You have a night nanny???? LUCKY!! I sooo could have used one of those the first 2 months of the boys life!!!

  2. Amy, only twice a week!!!

  3. Oh hon, I feel for you!! I've had a few times where I've thought about how I'd cope looking after my ONE if I was feeling really rotten - bless your man for being so perceptive and I'm pleased you've been checked out by the doc. Even if it is really a case of basic support your immune system stuff, it was really good that you got checked out. Just think - in a few months time the kids will be sleeping thru nicely and your body will hopefully have a good chance to rest every night (bar teething and their own illness!) :)

  4. Feel better's the worst being sick with babies!

  5. I had the complete opposite problem! I was ALWAYS sick, pretty much all winter. I blame DH bring home TONS and TONS of germs from the kids at school. I thought it was pregnancy but now I think it is taking the vitamins, which I still take, that has spared me from getting sick. I may never stop taking my prenatal vitamins!!

  6. Oh Leigh, hang in there! I'm sorry you're feeling so unwell.


  7. Oh Leigh, hang in there! I'm sorry you're feeling so unwell.



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