Saturday, October 03, 2009

An update on my fussy eater

I really loved all the advice we received and I do believe she'll grow out of a lot of it and I also think a lot of it is Kendra-ness :)

But I started keeping track of the teats (nipples) we were using for Kendra's bottles to see if I could pick up trends. We only noticed that she likes a really hard teat (like Nuk). Other than that, not much difference.

Her paed switched her to a lactose-free formula about 3 weeks ago. There was no change after the tin was done (about 4 days) so we switched back. The paed mentioned one other formula we could try but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Then Mandy commented and mentioned silent reflux. I didn't think it was this but I googled it anyway. Some South African moms were talking about this on a message board and someone mentioned the exact same formula the paed mentioned (Novalac). I filed that away mentally.

On Thursday, just after the day nanny left and we were in suicide hour, I was feeding Kendra who was screaming and looking very upset. Suddenly I thought, what's the harm in trying this new formula? So I sent D an SMS and told him to try a pharmacy (I'd previously tried 3 baby shops) and lo and behold, he found it!

Well, he arrived with it, I dumped K with him and mixed her up a bottle immediately. She had 100ml (this is a miracle - at best only 60 ml before). She ate really well that night and has been eating better, on the whole since then. D says she's still Kendra and still has issues :) so everything is not miraculously solved but we can definitely see an improvement.

So we've abandoned the old formula totally and I went to buy 3 more cans of this more expensive formula yesterday.

She still fusses while eating but it's not as bad as before - now she'll have about 25ml (not 5 sucks) before fussing, we burp, cuddle, change nappy if necessary, then continue... She's taking about 60 ml consistently at a time, especially if we wait 3 hours between feeds

She's also sleeping better - of course, that could be her age (12 weeks) since she started displaying signs of better sleep last weekend...

Our current Kendra goal is still to have her finish her entire 75ml feed every 3 hours (600 ml a day). I keep threatening to send her back to NICU so the nurses can set her straight again :)

Strange - the last couple of days Connor hasn't been eating as well as he normally does. It's not so bad that I need to be concerned though because usually he eats far more than he needs (I wonder where he gets that...)

I feel like I'm conducting experiments with these kids - every couple of days I change the rules and announce to the nanny, "okay, from today, we're doing things like this and not like this".

This mothering thing is teaching me flexibility and adaptability, big time! And of course, plenty of patience!

What is this journey to motherhood, or motherhood itself, teaching you?

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  1. I think I've learned to live without sleep-which is the same as valuing sleep above all else!

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  3. I'm learning that a desire for perfectionism sometimes has to take a holiday or a new mummy will do her head in :)

    That's great news that you've found a more K friendly formula - thank goodness! Sounds like she's keeping you on your toes... yay for C being a more mellow chap huh?

    As for your Q about when summer happens in NZ - it's late Dec - mid March. If I was taking annual hols I'd be taking them in Feb to be safe.

  4. Glad to hear that there is some improvements!

    As for what I'm learning...

    I'm learning that I have a lot to learn! It seems that everyday is an experiment to figure out what works. We think we've got something down and he does the opposite the next day. He cries and we are struggling to figure out if it means he's hungry, he's tired, he doesn't feel good, or he's got gas. I used to think I was pretty good with figuring babies out. But after I had my own, Jesse turns to me and asks me why Josiah is doing something and I just shrug... I don't know!

    It's getting easier and I AM learning. It's just a process.

  5. ahhh - good luck hon! i don't know how you do it with two!!! :)

    i hope this new formula does the trick!

  6. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Novalac is wonderful, they have such a large range that can be inter changed as you need them, and there are no side effects. Which one are you using? I have Ethan on AC (Colic and Wind) you can also try AR (Regurgitations
    or reflux).
    I really don't think you should be to worried about K's drinking, as long as she is gaining weight and is healthy. I know it's very frustrating that she isn't drinking like she should and she isn't sleeping like she should and wakes up hungry. I have the same problem with Ethan he is now 8 months old, he should be finishing a 210ml bottle, but he battles to finish 180ml, BUT he is 9.25kg's. The best advise I can give you is don't stress as much, all babies are different and she is taking in what is enough for her. She might be a baby that will prefer solids(when you start) than liquids.

    Good Luck, see when your back in Dec. Michelle Lombard

  7. Hi LEIGH

    I also have twins and both have reflux but unfortunatly we are on isomil so can't use the novalac but one thing I can say you must try is gaviscon - yes the normal ones that we use but only 1ml in each bottle - my pead gave that to the girls from 10 weeks old and they are 7 months today and still using it. I never had a baby refusing milk and all of a sudden they drink more per feeding and started to finish their bottles. Give it a try and see if she will be better. Melanie

  8. Baby feedings do fluctuate as they grow - sometimes always hungry and then suddenly seem to not eat at all. Vannan at 12 still does this!

    I guess the nice thing about breast feeding is that you don't notice this as much, although you do notice them wanting to nurse more often and then suddenly having too much milk!

    My sister says she discovers new things with every baby, and she's got 11 children.

    LaRue seems to be an easy going baby. I think that's good to balance our Marriana!

    Hang in there and try not to drive the nannies nuts! LOL Hugs!


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