Saturday, October 24, 2009

What happens around here on Fridays

I'm alone with the babies on Fridays and this is what happens around here.

holding one baby

putting him to sleep

putting the other one to sleep - isn't her arm cute though?

so fascinated by the cute arm that I'm taking one-handed close-ups

When Kendra is sleeping, I don't even venture near the bedroom so I have to amuse myself in other ways, like setting the table (I didn't do this just because I was bored; we had friends coming around in the evening)...

and straightening the drawers - yes, I label them. Remember there are 3 people all working in the same drawers and I hate untidiness!

this is the before version

I consider myself a rock star mother when I can get them to eat and sleep! I know - very low expectations :)


  1. Cause you are a ROCKSTAR!!!

  2. Um, anyone who has twins AND finds time to label clothing is a rock star!

  3. and don't forget the table setting too :) a REAL rock star :)


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