Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby book obsession

Okay, so here's the bedside table I was telling you all about.

I'm actually surprised it didn't topple over

close-up view - the shiny one is my Bible. I'm ashamed to say it's so low down the pack...

sorting into piles - from top left, clockwise: things to be filed/ put back on bookshelf, things I'm actually reading, stuff I haven't even started reading, pile of baby books I'm currently reading (4), my to-do lists and baby journals.

I love a clean slate to work with - my friend, Robz, gave that teddy to me after my first failed IVF

Neat again. Notice I put my Bible on top but am ashamed to say it's under a pile of books again.

Our paediatrician LOVES one of the books in that pile, Baby Sense, and always mentions something from the book at our appointments. I must say I love it too.

After we had their four-month check-up (oh my word, I just realised I didn't blog about that!), I decided to stick with and finish that book first.

So far so good.

Are you reading any good baby books? Which are your favourites?

P.S. The reason I'm so obsessed with the sleep is that our days of night nannying come to an end mid-Dec. The money has run out :(


  1. Hey Leigh, thanks for stopping by my blog with the very nice comment about my boys!

    That is a lot of sleep books! I don't know what to say about sleep exception that it was an obsession in the beginning. How To Get Them To Sleep. Sad to say it mostly took time and getting bigger. I know how it feels though... if someone could tell you WHEN they would sleep more you would stop worrying.

    We're at the same point in potty training. If someone would tell me when Alex would stop having accidents I would stop worrying about them. HA!

  2. You need to get a's brilliant!

    I am not reading any baby books, but I just said to my husband that I should be because I have no idea what the kids are supposed to be doing right now! I'm a total slacker!!!

  3. HAHAHA! That looks just like my nightstand! I just keep adding to the stack! Baby 411, The sleep solution, Raising Twins, The baby whisperer, healthy sleep habits happy child, The happiest baby on the block, etc.


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