Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to work - part 3

Last week I realised that I had exactly 6 weeks before I returned to work and I had a mini freak-out.

So I made a list (!) of things I still wanted to do while on maternity leave, like …

• driver’s licence renewal
• paint outside of house (of course, not me!)
• two business projects (more on this later)
• photo shoot for babies and of course...
• get the babies sleeping through the night

Never let it be said that I aim low!

The thing is when I envisioned my maternity leave once the nanny started (she only started when the babies were 8 weeks old) I thought there was going to be lots of going to the gym during the day, meeting friends for lunch, going to the shops, etc.

The truth is that I pushed myself hard with the gym for two weeks, buggered up my knees and then didn’t go for a month, and now I consider myself a rock star if I manage to go once a week.

(went this morning so that burden is off my neck for this week – still not at pre-preg weight – have about 0.5 kg to go now)

Also, I have met a grand total of ONE friend for lunch! Visited two friends and been visited by three but that’s it!

And of course, because the babies are so expensive, I’ve been staying out of the shops for the most part because you can’t buy what you don’t see.

I even throw away the free newspaper with all the store pamphlets so I’m not tempted. Am trying to be very good with money. This month for the first time since they’re born, I hope to spend less than R10 000. So please babies, no one is allowed to get sick!

For the most part, I don’t know what I get up to during the day. So last week I started keeping a time log.

And surprise, surprise, most of the time I waste is when I “get lost” on the computer. There are things that take some time like cooking and so on, but those are kind of planned.

Now that I’m more aware of my time I’ve been much better. And am ploughing through my list.

Last week I already went and did the driver's licence - took a grand total of 20 minutes so was very, very impressed!

So, things I will miss when I go back to work:

  • Sleeping late in the mornings
  • Lounging around in my pajamas until I feel the need to get dressed
  • Spending time with the babies
  • Having the luxury of driving places only when there’s no traffic
  • Going to the gym in the middle of the day
  • Visiting with friends who stay at home (I only, know 3, but there you go)
  • (Technically) having the ability to go shopping, browsing, etc. for hours

Things I’m looking forward to:
  • Big people interaction
  • Talking rubbish with my colleagues (or what I call building relationships :))
  • My clients
  • Being valued for my brain
  • Being productive and getting things done

Whatever your situation might be, what do you miss most about working or about staying at home?

This post was written yesterday but I'm only posting today.


  1. I miss feeling important. That sounds silly but before it was important that I worked because we needed the money to support the lifestyle we had. I was an important person at work because I kept things running and was the go to person. Now I have DH coming to me with hungry babies and co-workers coming to ask about the babies. Sometimes I wonder if I still exist!

  2. At times I feel useless and feel lonely. But I do love staying at home for the most part.

    good luck! :)

  3. I often felt isolated when I was home with my twins. I needed social interaction so I had to make my own fun. I joined playgroups and hired a baby-sitter for a few hours a week. It wasn't like it was 40 years ago when most moms stayed home--now it seems that many SAHM are all by themselves.

  4. I miss meaning something to other people...I'm a teacher, so those kids really need you. BTW, my kids share a room...I probably won't split them up until they're in kindergarten or something like that. They are perfectly happy right now, so we'll see! They really get used to having the other one in the room.

  5. I'm a little late to this post, but I totally sympathize with your back-to-work feelings. What do I miss about being home? Showering just to put on a clean pair of pajamas (although being back in cute work clothes is fun too!), naps with my babies, midafternoon walks and outings.

    What do I love about work? Social interaction, exercising my mind in so many different ways on a daily basis, the way it makes the weekends, evenings, and holidays together even more special. But my #1 favorite thing is the HUGE smiles my babies give me when I walk in the door now. They are so excited to see me and they stretch out their little arms and grunt for me to pick them up. Pure happiness! : )


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