Saturday, November 28, 2009


You know those personality tests you take at work that talk about natural and adapted tendencies?

When I'm strung out, stressed, etc. my natural tendency is to go into my cave and hide. I do not reach out easily, especially to ask for help.

I'm seriously bad at that.

(In the beginning with the babies, my MIL used to say to phone her if I needed help. Of course I did but I would NEVER phone. I still won't)

Apparently, the ESTJ (that's me) highly values competence in herself and others so that's why they don't easily ask for help .

Yes, I know, easy excuse :)

Yet I have no problem delegating and bossing people around if I'm paying them.


Mo, maybe you can shed some light on my weird personality!

The strange thing is if someone asks how I'm doing and I see that they genuinely care (not those "how are you?" questions where they just want to hear "fine") I will spill all!

So if I've spilled all to you, I think that you really care and want to know :)

Which is another reason I love to blog because it's easier for me to ask for advice/ help on the internet than in real life.

This week has been hard.

I have not felt like me at all. And I have ignored all text messages and emails except for one or two.

I'm feeling much, much better though.

The nanny's phone was indeed stolen as I suspected (my husband called me Sherlock when I told him) and the minute she got the offer from the agent she accepted. And offered to start today (Saturday) so that we could get the training started.

As I type, she's busy playing with the babies.

I told C that I'd found a new nanny even though she hadn't yet accepted so that we could start her notice period (a week) immediately. Last night was her last time with us for the moment but she has to come back for one night in December if she wants her full November salary.

What are you like when you're stressed, overwhelmed, etc. Do you ask for help easily? Or do you go into your cave?

P.S. Kendra, 20 weeks

P.P.S Must tell you about my telephone catch-up with my wonderful boss.


  1. Hi,
    I'm a fellow cave woman!! You've explained it beautifully - I always wondered why I hunker down like that when normally I'm so outgoing. I can go for a week without clearing my text messages, etc which so isn't the 'normal' me. When I was in hospital waiting to have Minxy and straight after, I actually wouldn't take calls - GS had to field them all. It really is as though I retreat into my shell - sounds like you're exactly the same ;)

    K is looking ultra cute. Minxy is sucking her fist like that too ;)

    Thanks also for the treats that arrived in the post today - you're too kind!!! :)

  2. I tend to hide but I am trying to reach out and ask for help. :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Hooray for new nanny!

    I'm a woman of extremes. I either confide in everyone or no one. I don't usually ask for help (except from my mother-in-law and husband), but I usually will accept it if it's offered and I need it.


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