Monday, November 23, 2009


The existing nanny, C

Last night I cried for the first time in about 10 weeks.

I just felt so overwhelmed by this nanny business. Or rather, lack of nanny business.

Especially since I go back to work on Thursday 3 Dec. I emailed my boss and all is set!

After I emailed the agent on 9th Nov, I kept emailing, but each time I put a slightly different spin on it so she wouldn't think I was a total nag.

I don't think it worked.

Anyway, long story short, but on the weekend before, I sent my old night nanny a text to ask her if she knew anyone who would be interested.

Confession - I was secretly hoping she'd say "I'm interested and will ditch my new job because I love your babies so much".

She phoned me to give me her friend's details and I interviewed said friend last Monday - nothing wrong, just no specific nanny experience although she has 3 kids and is looking after her grandchild now.

Eventually I cracked on the Tuesday and sent the agent a text saying what is going on? etc, etc.

She also has twins and said that the whole family had been sick with gastro but she would do her best to arrange interviews for the following afternoon.

Well, 3 ladies were supposed to arrive at 3 to be interviewed. Only 1 pitched and of course, then I don't want to see the others because if they're this lax about an interview, I can only imagine the attitude about actual work.

The lady was also fine. I wouldn't have a problem with her; just not wowed.

Again nothing from the agency which led to my "breakdown" last night.

Also, must confess I'm getting to a point where all the happy happy updates on Facebook are driving me nuts! Because I know things are not all sunshine and roses. I suppose it goes with how I like people to be authentic.

Oh, I then posted a real status update on FB and got some lovely comments and emails from my real friends :)

C with Kendra - yes, she's in blue - now wearing all Connor's clothes

I sent the agent a long email about how I was feeling (since we found the first nanny through her we've built up a bit of a friendship since we both have twins and both had the whole NICU experience) and I hoped she didn't mind but I'd been through her site and found 10 people who I'd like to interview.

But, I said to her, please make sure they can be here at 7am first before they even think of coming for an interview.

So she sent out the invites - will let me know later this evening who will be coming - I said I'll see 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

It's going to be a madhouse if they all pitch up. But I've gotten organised properly as if for work - written out my list of interview questions and hopefully I will stick to the script and stay on track.

Stay tuned!


  1. So sorry it's been stressful. I'm sure the time crunch of going back to work in a week adds to it. That's how I felt when I had to make a choice of what to do with my job and the daycare clients were falling through, but I didn't have time to wait. I'm sure it'll work out. I hope your interviews go well.

  2. Look at those cute babies!!! :) Oh I think you're entitled to the odd tear - it's a very stressful time - you're choosing the person who'll spend lots and lots of time with your precious babies, so you want it to feel just right. I reckon it'd be great if all 10 or so want to pitch - it might be a pain meeting them all, but at the end of the experience you'll know that you've had a great selection pool to choose from. Fingers crossed that when you find a winner they'll stay for a long time.

  3. Wow. I am so impressed with your organizational skills. I will stay tuned and hope the interviews go well!


  4. Random thought...why did you stick with the agency? I'm sure you're probably paying them so couldn't you just advertise in the paper or online and cut the middle man?

    I just hope it all works out, you don't need the additional stress when you're heading back to work.

  5. Mandibula, the short answer is because C told me to ask the agent to get her another job, I don't have to pay new recruitment fees. HUGE bonus.

    Also, anyone through the agency has done a childcare course, CPR, etc. and the agency lady has twins so emphasises care of twins when she trains. All of which is great!

    Have interviewed two this morning already. Another two this afternoon :)

  6. Anonymous4:46 pm

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  7. The whole childcare thing is so stressful.

    If nanny-finding continues to be a challenge, would you consider another solution, like care in someone else's home, or a daycare center? The latter has worked very well for us, because if the girls' teacher is ill, there's always a backup.

  8. I feel like I haven't been here for you....
    I hope the nanny issue is sorted once and for all and you find the one you like. I've found the whole management post hiring very stressfull, and I never know when I should turn a blind eye to the way things are done or not. ie she does things differently to me. Mostly coz I don't have the energy I've let go. I can't do it all. And the baby won't die if it isn't done MY way.


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