Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fine, I'll relax

First off, thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's post!

Leah, D also told me to relax.... so relax I will.

I will relax, I will relax, I will relax :)

Seriously, it's terrible when you're a control freak and you can't control things!!! I should have had a taste of it with the infertility but no.....

I'm fast realising that this whole motherhood thing feels like a big competition (maybe competition's not the right word?) and I feel like it's my fault my babies are starting off right at the back of the queue because I had them so early.

I was reading in one of those books (I will not say which one since I see you all get very passionate about some books which shall remain nameless :)) that with a twin pregnancy, if you gain enough weight early on, it prevents premature labour and other complications in most instances.

And then I kicked myself for only gaining 10,9 kg.

I can't believe I'm learning these things now for the first time. Does everybody know this stuff except me?

I had read in What to expect that the recommended weight gain for a twin pregnancy is 16 - 20 kg (35 - 45 pounds). That's it.

Maybe I'm slow but I understood that to mean you "shouldn't be putting on more weight than that", not that "this is what you should be putting on".

Now I feel guilty for not gaining enough ... not that I did anything to lose weight or eat healthy because I still don't know how people control their eating during pregnancy. My body had a life (two lives) of its own - I craved fruits and veggies during the first trimester and could not eat a chocolate or anything unhealthy.

Oh well.... as I said, I have issues!

You were all right - I can't force them to eat if they're not hungry and they're not.

We learned all the tricks in the NICU - twisting the bottle, tapping it, stroking their cheeks, under their chin, etc. and about 5% of the time it works because, as you say, if he's hungry, he eats; if he's not, he doesn't. Simple :)

Anyway, have to go chat to the new night nanny now. Will tell you all about the nannies tomorrow. So much to say, so little time!


  1. I thought I was the only twin mom who didn't know about the weight gain. Once I was at 24 weeks, I read that I was supposed to gain 30 pounds (14 kg) in the first 20 weeks. I gained about half that. To be fair, my doctor did tell me to eat as much ice cream as I could if that would help me gain weight, and I took her at her word.

    But yes, I wish I'd known, even now with relatively healthy post-preemies. Eventually, you will get to the point where they look and act their "birth" age, and people will look at you like you're crazy when you say they were premature.

  2. You can relax on the weight gain too. I read that book and gained the recommended weight, which was easy for me since my boys craved pasta and bagels. They were still 9 weeks premature and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. Our singleton daughter who is now 9 years old was also 4 weeks premature. I now think my water just breaks early. If we were to do it again (which we are not) I would know that I need bedrest from a certain point to try to keep it from happening, but I don't know if that would even work. When my water broke with the boys and I went to the hospital, my cervix was still completely closed, so no one would have known ahead of time.


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