Monday, November 16, 2009

How I find the time to blog

this boy does not like the camera :)

doesn't K look shocked? Maybe it's at my hair!

So many people have asked me how I find the time to blog, especially with two babies.

Well, let's put it this way...

I strongly believe that if you want to do something badly enough (anything, not just blogging), you'll make the time.

Like gym... clearly I don't want to do it badly enough :)

Moving along.

So blogging is very important to me because of 6 reasons:

  1. it gets the noise out of my head and onto "paper" since I'm not too fond of actual pen and paper journalling (it's the S from that ESTJ thing)
  2. it's free therapy :)
  3. I really have a lot to say and ask - right now if I were to make a list (and I'll be honest, I do actually have a list of things to blog), it would probably have about 5 - 7 blog topics on it at any one time
  4. I love connecting with people from all over the world - this is what gets me through sometimes... just this morning at around 3 - 4 am, I was thinking I'm not the only mother feeding her baby in the wee small hours of the night which cheered me up just a little bit :)
  5. I like the relative anonymity - most people don't know about this blog - so I can say what I like and be brutally honest
  6. it's a record of what I'm going through with the babies - milestones and such... (we're leaving in just a few minutes to get their last vaccinations for awhile - yayy can save money! - and I'm dreading the milestones questions)

Why do you blog? (if you blog)


What draws you to read a particular blog? (for me, the more real the person gets, the better. I'm not too fond of the extremely cutesy blogs; it feels inauthentic and I just can't relate!)


  1. I blog for the free're totally right! I found time when the babies were really little because I HAD to! It's harder now that they're older because when they nap, I totally zone out! I read blogs of people in similar situations to mine. I remember when I started reading Infertility blogs, if anyone mentioned the words "baby dust," I stopped reading...some things can turn you off really quickly too!

  2. I love reading other blogs of moms of twins -- because it is such a crazy journey and full of so many challenges -- and I totally agree, knowing that other people are going through whatever it is you're going through makes it okay. And no, EST isn't the same as the time where you are, but at 3am, I was trying to get a very stubborn 20-month old boy back to sleep without waking up his twin!

  3. I so agree with your reasons for blogging. Also, I am a firm believer in misery loves company and when we were going through fertility issues I wanted to connect with other people in the same situation. Speaking of fertility...that is sooo cool that you found out you were prego on Christmas Eve!!!! How special!!

  4. Ah, thought provoking stuff. I hope you realise that your questions actually require me to use parts of my brain that are currently decommissioned :)

    Initially I blogged because venturing into another pregnancy scared me senseless so yeah, it was therapy and actually I hoped that if we made it thru (which we did :) ) with a live, healthy baby then not only could I look back on how far we'd come, but also perhaps I could offer someone in a similar situation a story that they could relate to, capped off with a happy ending. It has also been useful as a record in terms of writing an article for a medical publication - there's nothing like the raw words at the time rather than the more tempered versions I'd choose now that we're through the scary times.

    When it comes to baby related blogs, I tend to be attracted to blogs that, like yours, are real and have some kind of hard slog involved. Be it infertility, infant loss or prematurity. At the heart of them all the issue boils down to women who really want to be mummies. Even though I now have a baby to cuddle, I still find the topic interesting because I think once you've gotten your membership to the 'club', it's yours forever.

    Oh and I'm totally repelled from blogs that are too cutesy, have any form of glitter or any of that crud. How superficial and judgemental am I?!

    PS: Do you think C would prefer cowboys or cars? :)

  5. I agree regarding the "Free therapy" thing and also to get things out of my head onto "paper" helps.


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