Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today I'm thankful for...

Even though I'm South African, I've really been enjoying reading the Thanksgiving posts around the blogosphere and I thought I should participate. Especially in light of yesterday's post.

Today I'm thankful for:

  • my two beautiful, healthy children
doesn't K look naughty?

it's the angle; he's not really that huge!

she sticks her hand near his mouth so...

he's "well, if you insist on putting your hand near my mouth, then I'm going to suck it"
Look at K's surprised expression
  • the best husband in the world
  • God, who supplies my every need
  • finding a new nanny (even though she still has to accept the offer and come start work)
  • a fantastic catch-up session with my wonderful boss who is so intuitive and knows what's going on with me even if I don't!
  • friends who comment on Facebook to cheer me up and who check on me regularly, rain or sunshine
  • my kitchen that is finally repainted after being grey for months since I burnt something I was cooking while pregnant (true! Natalie has seen it)
  • Rod Stewart who never fails to cheer me up with his raspy voice.
  • a brilliant web designer who fixes up all my mistakes when I "play around" with my site and stuff up something
  • only having another 0.5 kg to lose of the preggy weight

What are you thankful for?

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US blog buddies. Enjoy the turkey :) (it's ALWAYS about the food with me!)


  1. Lovely list! Mine is over on the blog.

    Have a great day!

  2. I love the pics! And I think it's neat for you to participate in our gratitude today. If only we counted our blessings more often! Sorry you've been feeling so strung out. I think I've been in that funk too. I'm choosing today to focus on the positive instead!

  3. Hi, I wish we had Thanksgiving here too - it makes you stop and think about things, doesn't it? (I'll pass on the turkey tho!!)

    This year I'm most thankful for the clever medical people who helped make Daisy a possibility and eventually, a reality. I can't thank them enough and they know that. I'm supremely thankful that I get to whinge about her spewing and not sleeping enough, knowing that it's pretty magical that I'm getting to have that whinge.

    Of course I'm thankful for my wonderful man, family and true friends... living in a safe country where there's plenty of food and safe water, a robust health and welfare system that takes care of those who need it... and every year I thank the clever men who invented insulin and think of what would've happened pre the early 1920s...

    and I'm thankful that summer is almost here and my garden is loaded with roses in full bloom, which always brings a smile to my dial :)

  4. PS: They've ultra cute in these pics... and C really does look like the *big* brother :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I see no reason you shouldn't celebrate right along with and all! I hope you are feeling better after yesterday's post. Maybe you could all get out for an afternoon? It might do you and the babies some good! (And just tell any nosey onlookers not to touch...I've done it!!)

    Oh, and by the way, I don't think any of us first-time moms know what to do...we just figure it out as we go!! : )

  6. Ahhhhh your babies are SO gorgeous!!!!


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