Saturday, November 21, 2009

We survived!

Today we went for a baby photo shoot in Pretoria, about an hour's drive from our home.

I'd originally scheduled to have a maternity shoot at 34 weeks with the same photographer but then of course, the babies arrived early.

I then told her I'd do the shoot when they were 4 months (I don't know where that number came from but I had this "4 months" in mind all along) and before you know it, they were 4 months, I hadn't booked the shoot.

We only had to wait two weeks for today's appointment.

I was very tempted to cancel because it's been FREEZING cold here, around 15 degrees Celsius. And naked babies at shoots = colds = lots of money which I'm trying not to spend. But she assured me that she has a heated studio, etc.

This was last week Friday....

and this was yesterday... see the thick winter clothes (they have blankets over them because our house is cold!)

Anyway, we didn't have to take any clothes for the babies because they were naked in all the shots (very cute) and we wore black.

We survived and the babies were very good except BOTH of them peed on her black cloths and on us. She said these were the best twins she's ever photographed (of course D beamed with pride but I'm so cynical I said to him that she probably says the same thing to every set of parents)!

But then came the difficult part - she took 650 pics in total and we had to sift through all of those to get to 30 (that was the package we chose) while jiggling babies on our laps.

Not fun.

An hour and a half later we were done.

I'm very proud of us though because independently, we're both really quick decision-makers (me more so than him) but it's that compromise thing............

Now we wait - takes a couple of weeks to edit the photos and whatnot - and then we get them.

That's the big event of the weekend; tomorrow we'll be in this cold house supervising painters!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. 15 degrees? boohoo :p That's pretty std for here at the mo but I get that for you that must be practically antarctic! ;)

    A week til you get the pics... Enjoy yr last few day at home :)


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