Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best blog?

Amy, a mom to twin boys, gave me an award over a week ago and I'm only now writing about it.

I think this is what it's going to be like now that I'm back at work...

She said it's for being honest and open to advice! *blush*

Hmm, some would like me not to be so honest, I'm sure, but I'm trying to keep it real :)

Because I'm a bit OCD, I've been blog surfing and seeing what you're supposed to do with these.
Apparently you have to give to 15 blogs.

Amy gave the award to 7 bloggers though so I'm going to do the same.

Here goes, these are some of my favourite blogs to read:

Saffy in New Zealand - I'm so jealous of Saffy for getting to LIVE in New Zealand; have always anted to live in a really, really cold place. Yes, I'm weird! Saffy has a gorgeous little Minx and dresses her in the most beautiful clothes.

Mandibula - mother to gorgeous twin girls and who tires me out when I read how much she cleans her house. Ahem, anytime you want a holiday to South Africa, email me :)

Heather - has the most handsome little boys plus a beautiful older daughter and is always so encouraging to me about all the parenting OCD-ness :)

Mandy - get a cup of tea first as Mandy writes fast and posts a lot in every blog post! How's this for weird - I'm 10 years older than Mandy - gee, I feel old!

PJ - who is finally pregnant with twins after a load of procedures and lots of sadness. Found PJ when I was TTC early on in my journey. I seriously get so excited when I read her pregnancy symptom posts.

Leah - mother to AB and BB. We were due on exactly the same day except my two were 8 weeks prem.... but it was so fun every week when we were pregnant because I'd go check on her blog every Wed to see what she was up to. Took us both very long to relax that all with our babies would be okay.

Sadia - "met" Sadia recently - has the most adorable twin girls who say the cutest things. Sadia's a super clever IT person (as is Heather!) who knows how to put indented blocks in her blog posts. I'm very easily impressed by techno people :)

Well, there you go.

Hope you enjoyed meeting some of my favourite blogs - I read 76 so these were just the first 7 that came to mind!

P.S. My sister and family are visiting me for a few days so posting may be sparse. Although it IS my therapy so I might have to make time.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! You are so very very sweet! I have to go jump in the shower and get ready to get to work, so I'll have to do justice in my acceptance of the award on my blog later. I am so honored!

  2. I would have to agree! Your openness and honesty is always refreshing. As a twin mommy-to-be I just love keeping up with you and your little ones! Thanks for the recent comment to my post. I had to laugh! Can't believe your doc "reminded" you that you were pregnant with twins, although I suppose for us first-timers, it never hurts to say "slow down!". Especially strong, driven women like us ;) Thanks for passing it along!


  3. Is this an invite for a free vacation-AWESOME!! I'd love to say more, make a formal acceptance but after 'all my cleaning', making cookies, out to dinner, hitting up the babies R us, and baking some more cookies I have to push my husband over to his spot for some shut eye!

  4. Thanks! I'm so glad that I've "met" you!

  5. Awwww shucks :) Thanks hon!

    I love reading your blog because it cuts through all that cutesy crud (that we don't have time for in more ways than one :) ) and tells it like it is. You're REFRESHING!

    As for the cold climate - yeah, well we're a week out from Xmas and Minxy's sleeping in her winter (<17 degrees) merino sleeping bag. But honestly, NZ is lovely.

    I can't wait for an update on the family visit. That should be a good read!! :)

    And when do you manage to find time to read 76 blogs?????

  6. Awwwww! Thanks!!! I'll be honest and say that I ducked out and only read your blog sparingly until I got pregnant with twins. I did that with a lot of IF blogs turned pregnancy. And you know that is only because I was going through soooo much heartache myself. But now that I'm pregnant with twins, I've gone back and read, and read, and read. I love the belly shots and I've just enjoyed your story.

    Thanks again!


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