Friday, December 04, 2009

Extreme Joburg weather

Just to show you that we 'enjoy" extreme weather here in Joburg.

This was November 16 after they'd been for their 14-week (?) vaccinations. I can't keep track. Brain is mush.

look at her little bum in the air - too cute

And this is November 17.

It suddenly got bitterly cold. I wore jerseys I'd been wearing while pregnant which are still not packed away. I can't believe my tummy was that big!

Saffy is used to 15 degree weather in the summer in NZ but here in SA we're sooo not used to it.

and then these were taken two weeks earlier, also on a cold Joburg day.

Connor - his hands were BLUE from the cold

P.S. No, I didn't knit those. Just the thought of knitting makes me twitch. A lady who used to volunteer with my MIL did them for the baby - she doesn't even know us.


  1. i LOVE their little outfits!

  2. So cute! I LOVE the one with the bum in the air!

  3. So cute! I LOVE the one with the bum in the air!


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