Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm fine, promise!

Well, by the time I left work (1.45 pm) they STILL had not sorted out my emails so I called it a day and will tackle it all tomorrow.

Something about me taking too much leave (is there such a thing?!) so the system disabled my account and other such nonsense IT-speak :)

Hopefully the nice young IT guy retrieved my emails as he promised otherwise I am kicking butt tomorrow.

It's so nice to say "I only work half days so I need this done NOW" ...

I know you want to know about feelings and so on.

I thought while driving to work, to the mellow sounds of Rod Stewart, (told you I love the man) that I actually made the best decision to come back now, in December.

The schools close tomorrow and the roads are empty of traffic so I have no traffic stress for at least a month.

Also everyone (I exaggerate, but most people) goes on leave tomorrow so it will be nice and quiet and I can sort through my thousands of emails and get back in the swing of it.

This all so that come January I'm all on top of my game and can perform optimally again.

I didn't cry, I didn't even feel like crying. All I felt was very slight apprehension about work (mushy brain!), not really about the babies.

I think this is because I've been weaning myself off them. From last Monday (so a total of 8 days) I've been doing little trips out of the house every day leaving the nanny to cope with them.

Today I knew the dishes might not get done as quickly as I'd like but the babies would be fine and taken care of.

And when I got home, they were all smiling (well, that was Connor; Kendra was sleeping) and happy, which is our goal.

So I got all caught up on my socialising on our floor, gave various versions of the baby stories to whoever I was talking to and showed a few pics.

It only felt weird in that the last time I was there I was ginormous and then my waters broke. And the next time I'm there I'm all back in my normal work clothes and talking about babies, sleep and stuff I knew nothing about. But the work stuff? No weirdness at all - just slotted right back in talking about my campaigns, sales figures and so on...

One of my colleagues bought some scones for me (I was SO touched - still no crying) because I love her scones.

Oh, and one of the best things? I got a salary increase! Can't wait to see how much extra money I get out after tax :)

While talking to the big boss about the salary increase (they have a discussion with you - I can't see the point of the conversation, it's the same drivel but you have to play along...), he told me that my boss spoke to him about my new working hours so it was all easy peasy. I love it!

All in all it was a really good day.

Tomorrow I really must post about what I'm learning about the sleep thing.


  1. Yay for you!!!! :) A rock star performance indeed - maybe even Rod Stewart worthy :)

  2. Congrats! I had the same feeling when I went back to work. Odd not being ginormous and talking about baby stuff. And after a few days being back, it was like I never left.

  3. Oh and for me it's not Rod Stewart. My heart is for the Pet Shop Boys. I got to meet them with VIP concert tickets for our first date since the boys. That was the first Sunday in September this year. OMG! I was so excited to meet them. I've loved them and bought every new album since they started.

  4. Wow! So glad work went well!

    Yes, definitely post about the sleep thing. That's got to be an adventure.

  5. Hi,

    Lovely to 'meet' you too! Thanks for saying hi! And oh yes, please post about the sleep thing. I've got 'healthy sleep habits, happy child', but not the twin-specific version... please tell me if it is any good!!

  6. I felt the same way about returning to work - mushy brain but didn't miss the kids. Most days I still feel the same to be honest. I saw your comment on HDYDI and liked your blog entry title so came on over. I'll be stopping by!


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