Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My office is ice-cold.

I keep a shawl at work for this very reason.

Anyway, on Monday I came in to this freezing cold place and even though I was at meetings for about 2 hours, I still froze so much that my nose was running by the time I left work.

It progressively got worse that evening until at 8pm, D told me to go sleep and he'd get up for babies. Winner husband.

I joked that they'll probably sleep through and guess what? They woke only ONCE!

Of course they haven't repeated that act of brilliance since then. I know not to get my hopes up so I wasn't disappointed.

Tuesday first thing I logged a call for them to come sort out this air con. Of course, my cold's getting worse as I wait TWO HOURS for them to pitch.

They say they turned it up but I couldn't feel it so I begged someone to jump on the desks and turn the things off (someone, obviously a man, installed the aircon controls on the ceiling and there are no remotes).

My boss popped in (we sit in different areas of the building) briefly, took one look at me and told me to go home to rest.

You know what I said? "I'm getting more rest here"

Eventually left the office at 12.30, drove straight to the pharmacy for my beloved Degoran (the cure for all things cold and flu in my house), and went home. Took two, slept two hours and have been feeling progressively better ever since.

Almost back to normal now. But still going to have chicken and broccoli tonight to help my compromised immune system along.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. And I do hate it when it's too cold or too hot in the office.

  2. ARGH office air con - it's never quite right, is it?!

    Keep getting better - chicken soup works wonders and a very happy New Year to you and the family :)


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