Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This is it!

Today was my last day of maternity leave....

My husband took a day's leave so we could do some fun things together - isn't he sweet?

We handed the babies over to the nanny at 7 am and went back to bed to.....


Woke at 10 am, had leisurely breakfast, etc, etc. and then went to a movie (500 days of summer - highly recommend it) and a late lunch.

And shopped for that birthday gift. I ended up buying some wooden blocks (thanks S) and one of those wooden puzzles with only about 3 - 4 pieces :)

So this is it - my lunch bag is packed, my handbag is packed, my clothes are ready and I'm about to jump into bed to read one of these books:

Now tell me, how will I be able to concentrate at work when I'll be thinking about these two?


  1. All the best!!!!! :) I'm looking forward to you going back first so I can learn from you ;) Good on D for having a day off - sounds like it was a lovely day together.

  2. Oh Good luck! Those babies are too darling!!!

  3. So HOW much maternity leave did you have? A lot, right?

  4. Good luck on your first day back!! Those beautiful faces will be glad to see you when you get home, I'm sure!

  5. PJ, I had 4 months which I started when Connor got home (two weeks after they were born) and then I tagged all my annual leave onto that as well.


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