Friday, January 08, 2010

6-month check-up (corrected age 4 months)

So the babies are 6 months old - I can't believe it!
Tried to make an appointment earlier this week and was HORRIFIED when told that the fabulous Dr R (their paed from NICU days) has left the practice.

I then investigated further (phoned my friend, M) and found that Dr R wanted a job that didn't require her to be on call, seeing as she's about 28 weeks pregnant and has a 20-month old little girl too. Our hospital doesn't allow that - all doctors have to be on call - so she then looked for another job.
Huge sadness as we LOVE Dr R.

Note to self - will have to hook up on Facebook.

Anyway, lots of issues with receptionists but finally managed to get an appt for the afternoon with Dr S, whose practice it is.

We arrived bang on time, armed with babies and my list of questions. I always come prepared as I'm not prepared to shell out R1000 and not get every single question answered.

Was prepared to hate him.... because of appointment-setting issues but the man was VERY nice.

He even played with Kendra and Connor and really took his time checking them over.

Now here's the stuff I live for, the stats :)


Now weighs 5,18 kg (11 lbs) (and is finally in Pampers 2), is 62,4 cm tall and has a head circumference of 42 cm.

Previously she was at 60% of her expected weight and she is now at 80% of her expected weight and on the 10th percentile. Moving up her growth curve very nicely.

Yayyy - we are very happy. The cereal is working and we started her veggies today too. Such a minute amount as she is not a food lover like her brother.

Developmentally she's doing fine. That's all the detail I have! Amazing - I am not at all freaked out by these things, only the sleep.


Weighs 7,68 kg (17 lbs) and is 67 cm tall. D didn't write down the head circumference as I was working hard to keep Connor from crying too much.

Don't know what on earth got into these kids - they were freaking out and screaming. And he was very gentle with them because I was right there. I am rougher with them.

Again, Connor is on 50-something percentile for age 6 months, and for his corrected age, is way ahead of the pack. He is a big boy. There is now a 2,5 kg difference in their weights.

Developmentally, he's at age 5 months. That's all I heard. It's better than their corrected age of 4 months, so am happy.

Dr S was very happy that he's on cereal and veggies and said I can start experimenting with fruits, yoghurt, rougher textures, etc.

Knowing me, it will take forever to get there :) I don't like to mess with a good thing.

So we continue as we have been doing. Next appointment at 9 months.

P.S. Connor has his first tooth! Poor baby was so calm and placid - the little tooth arrived with no fanfare. On Wed he started moaning a little bit when we tried to give him his bottle. Had a look in his mouth, fully expecting to see red gums and instead, a little white tooth. Too cute.

P.P.S. On Wed night Kendra only woke twice and Connor only woke once. Maybe they can sense that we're going to let them "cry it out" :)

P.P.P.S. I asked how much they should be sleeping in a 24-hour period at this age - 13 - 14 hours, 10 at night and the rest during the day. The doctor says they probably will still wake once a night until 9 months! Kendra might wake twice because of hunger - any more than this means they're waking for "other than hunger" reasons. So Connor sleeps a lot, but honestly, he goes crazy if he doesn't sleep after 90 - 120 minutes.


  1. oh wow, can't believe how much BIGGER he is than her! What is it about boys and food??

  2. Connor is just slightly shorter and slightly heavier than Josiah. Josiah is 68.6 cm and 7.26 kg (according to his measurements on Dec 23rd). But Josiah is a BIG kid! Sounds like they are both doing well. Glad to hear!

  3. I can't wait till the girls have their 6 month appointment, which I still need to schedule. I love to compare. Hopefully we will be starting cereal after our 6 month check. I'm still not convinced they need it but my mother won't stop hounding me! Do you feel it has made any difference in the kids?

    I'm dreading teeth! I can only hope that I am as lucky as you were with Connor!!

  4. All sounds good! Six months, really???

  5. Hi Leigh,
    Firstly I have to say, love the new pics of your beautiful babies! Secondly, thank you so so much for your response to my last post. It really meant the world to me. I unfortunately don't have a SA number while I am here, but thank you so so much for thinking of me.

  6. Congrats! They sound like they are doing so well! I was so excited at the 6 month check. The doctor is right that Kendra may still wake during the night. Someone once told me that babies cannot be relied on to sleep through the night until they are over 15 lbs and with her at 11 lbs I can see that happening for some time.

  7. Sorry that I'm reading these out of order ;)
    Congrats on C's first tooth!!! :) He's definitely moving into big boy territory huh? That's also exciting that you're into a big wide world of veggies with K too. I wonder - does she have a sweet or savoury preference at this stage? D doesn't like sweet stuff which I find interesting.
    I'm pleased that you ask the important questions on the paeds - like how much sleep they should be getting. I've been wondering about that myself and of course I can count on you to have the answer (just like the formula equation!).


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