Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The funk - part 2

Update on The Funk


In 2008 I'd started looking for another job and of course nothing happens until I'm pregnant and showing. Very frustrating.

April marks my 5-year anniversary with my company and as a long service award, I get 10 extra leave days. Leave has always been like gold to me so I definitely don't plan to leave until I get to take these leave days.

Also, I'm currently working a 6-hour day in the office and am supposed to work the rest from home. Thing is I'm so productive at work that I haven't needed to log on from home at all. I aim to continue in this streak since I'm underpaid anyway :)

Yesterday I got a call from a recruiter who found my CV (resume) online and who said she had the perfect job for me. Until I started quizzing her (I'm quite stroppy and REFUSE to drive more than 30 minutes to work), that is :) Also I told her my salary and said that I work a 6-hour day since I have twins and she said, "I really think you should stay there for a while because you have a good deal going and the babies are only young once".

That cheered me right up.

HOWEVER I've started being "aware" of goings-on in the company again because as much as I love my team and clients, clearly I'm in a comfort zone and they are taking me for granted.

I always think, "if they had to recruit someone from outside the company to do my job, they would pay them properly, so why not me and why not now?" I am now very open to moving to a new job within the company. I really feel that will be the best option as I'll keep my leave (!), my 6-hour day but still have the option to get a salary increase.

I'm really hoping and praying that another suitable job with a good manager opens up soon. There are suitable ones available right now but I would NEVER work for some of those people.

Strangely it's not the money because with our minimalist lifestyle we get by just fine but it would be nice to be able to move to a bigger house eventually and get a newer car (this year my car is 5 years old).

Anyway, hold thumbs!


I did my sales analysis this week and happily saw that about 60% of my income comes from one-on-one coaching. Which now explains the terrible 2009 figures as I did nothing from July. In fact, I checked my time log and on 6 July, I have 3 entries - I worked on a new product and then coached two clients. Then, of course, later that night, waters broke and a few hours later, BABIES.

Have asked nanny to work a few hours overtime this Sat and next so I can do some decent business planning and think up some ways to get lots of coaching clients.

Any ideas?


It's not about the baby food. It's like in that Vince Vaughn/ Jennifer Aniston movie where she says, "I want you to want to do the dishes"

(It's The Break-up - just googled the sentence - you'll be amazed at all the results LOL)

So I've given him the baby book, marked with post-its to read about the food thing. He is sweet - he reads 5 mins baby/ parenting stuff every day.

I am trying...


Had some email conversations behind the scenes and have some ideas to streamline things. Mommy Esq, love your idea about it either being mommy time or mommy and baby time.


Strange, a work friend told me today that she needs to learn to stop being a people pleaser as her friends are walking all over her. She is a LOVELY person - I can't explain just how nice she is - EVERYONE loves her - so this is good that she's putting up her fences.

Back to the friends thing - one of the friends contacted me since I last posted. Is there some energy thing happening in cyberspace? :) We will see how that goes.

P.S. Have lost 0.5 kg. 2,5 kg to go.


  1. Hay Funky friend - your life is so much more complicated than I can even imagine!!! Seriously, Well done on holding all this together!!! I just wanted to say: If my husband offers to do the dishes, the garbage, make his lunch whatever - then I feel like he is on my side and that's enough for me - he doesn't even have to do the job!!! Just offer, really that's all I need!!!

  2. What wicked balancing acts we juggle when we conceive. Anway - not that you asked for my advice but... you know me!
    Work: I'd kill. Kill! for a 30 min commute and 6 hr work day and room/time to work on the side for your own business. I doublt I'd do the last one but still. I agree you have a great thing going.
    Bickering: Gawd, I totally hear you. We went through a rough patch a few months into when I was back at work - feeling like I did all the planning, household, etc. Do you know how we now make it work? We ask the nanny to do more - she does laundry, picks up the house, takes out our garbage, empties the dishwasher. She's just like that but we asked for a few items and she had no problem doing them when the kids nap. You're paying your nanny a lot - use her. We do have a cleaning person every 2 weeks for heavy duty cleaning. We almost never fight over household chores. And the doctor's visits have become fewer as the kids get older.
    Another idea - you're the coach! - that everyone told me about at my mom of twins group is to make a huge list of every item that needs to be done and group into daily, weekly, monthly. Then "assign" tasks. No more nagging they claim. It isn't something that works for us but I try to remember all the great things my husband does - pay the bills, upgrade computers, etc. as I plan kid activities.

  3. Just caught up on your posts. babies look BEAUTIFUL. It's neat to see there size differences.

    Definitely keep the job. Sounds like a great set up...



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